”Skryt” klingar alltid så fel på svenska. Men den här sidan ska handla om mina hundar och min uppfödnings  framgångar genom åren och jag är stolt och väldigt tacksam.

2022 gjorde Hundsport Utställning ett reportage, här kommer det.

2020 skrev Hefin Jones i Our dogs irish setters breednotes följande..

For as long as I can remember, I have had an interest in Irish Setters. I dont know why really, but I always knew that when I was to have my first dog it would be an Irish. I grew up in a family where we were all involved in horses, show jumping, dressage and breeding, so it all came naturally to me. Of course, we had dogs as well – poodles and a number of terriers over the years. I used to be the one trimming the poodles.   

I had my first Irish in 1979. It was a stupid, impulse buy and it showed! She was a mixed pedigree of mainly hunting lines, combined with a bad temperament and not the best of looks Anyway, I learnt a lot from starting off with the wrong one.   

When at horse shows, I met Wendover Red Raider (Aka Racer; Wendover Jeeves x Wendover Kate) and was told that this gorgeous boy had mated a lovely bitch Lorrien ( Dino of Wendover x Fancy of Wendover). Immediately, I booked a puppy, who was a new year pup being born on the 1st. January 1989. Her name was Övre Lövhöjdens Regina (Aka Nike) and she is in all my pedigrees. Her breeder was Märta Svanberg and she only bred this litter, so it was sheer luck for me. The reason I booked a puppy from her was because Wendover Red Raider was such a beautiful dog. The breeder was a strange lady. I remember she handed the puppy over to me through the window because Mum, Dad and I were not allowed into the houseit was a freezing day minus 25 degrees.I kept no contact with the breeder. Nike introduced me into showing and she did well, with our most memorable moment being a win of an ISF Premier (a sort of C.C.) under Piet Rooks, at a breed special event. During her early years, Nike was a poor eater, but she had a fabulous head, nice topline and tail carriage and a lovely long stride.   

She was mated to Wendover Touch Line (Scotswood Celt x Wendover Truly Fair) and my first litter was born in 1984. I kept Coppers The Man I Love (Aka Kurt) and his sister C. My Heart Belongs To Daddy (Aka Saffran). Kurt gave me a long, successful time in the ring. He was a big boy, but had a head that I loved. I was immensely proud of him.   

He was a ‘C’ hipwell at the time, in Sweden, we were not allowed to breed from a dog with a ‘C’ hip score, which was compared with 5/5. Our system is really hard on hips. Two years ago that changed and we can now use a ‘C’ hip with an ‘A’ hip dog. Anyway, my Kurt was not used for breeding, but his sister, Saffran, had a litter to Sowerhill Sailor at Wendover (Wendover Renegade x Sowerhill Sarah). From that litter, I kept C. Just One Of Those Things.   

Nike’s litter to Bonbons Irish Like Your Style (Bonbons Irish Extreme Duke x Bonbons Irish Forget Me Not) gave me just 2 girls and I kept The Lady Is A Tramp (Aka Malin). From there on, my line of girls really started. Malin, herself, was a big winner, but when she was mated to Tactics Great Gatsby (Buccaneer Of Clonageera x Tactics Con Amore) I kept my Malva, who was the Swedish Winner 96. Coppers My Wild Irish Rose was born in 1990. She was loved by many, many people and won group after group. With that, I mean the full gundoggroup and not the new FCI group7, a split, which I really think, was no good at all. She was also top winning girl for a number of years. One really proud moment was in 1998, at the World Show in Finland, when she went BIS-3 veteran, under Carla Molinari. Wow, that certainly was a proud moment! 

Rather than go through my success in Europe, I thought that it might be good to go through the dogs in the breeding of my first C.C. winning dog in the U.K. – Sh Ch NORV -00 FIV -03 Aniara or, as she later had the Prefix, Classic Red Aniara (Aka Sweatpea or Ärtan in Swedish).   

Aniara was the result of a mating between of EUV 97 Ember James Bond (Aka Basil; Danaway Raingood Warrior x Discoverys Nr One Only) and SEW 00 Coppers Honeysuckle Rose (Coppers All Over The Place X Coppers My Wild Irish Rose). She was born in 1999 and her breeder was Mrs B Johansson, who is a good friend. I always showed her dog, Honeysuckle Rose , so when she was mated to Basil, who was a big favourite of mine, I just had to have one! 

At the time, what we didnt know was CLAD. Just a few weeks after the mating, the test became available and they both tested carriers…… What a worry! 16 puppies were born – 2 clear,10 carriers and 2 affected. Oh, it could have been so much worse! Anyway, out of all those puppies, Sweetpea was still easy to pick and I loved her from the minute I saw her. She was a group winner in Sweden . When David and Gillian Barker Bell (Balintyne) came over to Sweden, they saw her when she was 12 weeks old and they also fell in love with her. At the time, in Sweden, the CLAD situation was rather awful. Lots of different views were being discussed and some even thought our carriers should be banned from showing and breeding was looked upon as about the worst thing you could do! Luckily, it has changed and the Kennel Club didnt put a ban on breeding. By now, we all know the history of how to keep lines, even when having carriers.   

Fortunately, at the time, the U.K. opened up the borders for dogs to enter the country from abroad. and Aniara (SH CH Aniara) went over to David and Gillian in the U.K. to be campaigned and to be mated.   

Her first C.C. came in 2003, at S.E.I.S.C., under Brenda Levick (Corriecas). Next, she had a litter to Caskeys Vaguely Scottish ( SH CH Kirkavagh Kalaglow x SH CH Dunnygask Ginger Spice At Caskeys) and then returned home for a while. In 2004, she gained her second C.C., at Bath, under Myra Thomas Rhodes (Amhurst) and her crowning C.C. at Darlington, under Chris Sones (Withersdale)! She also had a R.C.C. at I.S.C.S., under Pat Butler- Holley (Shandwick).   

What a magic moment it was when she gained her third C.C. I remember having Swedish friends at ringside, speaking to me on the phone and reporting every detail. It was a magic moment. After all, she was the first overseas bred and owned to have achieved this and so made history.   

At home, she was a dreamy girl with such a sweet, sweet nature. Her daughter WW-08 Balintyne Coppers Home N Dry (Aka Bubbles) has also written history, not only by winning herself, but by being a remarkable brood bitch, with her progeny also producing champions, such as Coppers Bubbleande Glad x Coppers Prinsessan Pa Arten producing SH CH Coppers Undercover At Lynwood J.W. (Aka James), who, in 2011, won three B.O.B. as well as a previous C.C. and ten R.D.C.C.s between 2010 – 2011 for Jane and Roger Mugford.  

Her two litters, to the fabulous Sh Ch Caskeys Concept at Aoibheanne (Aka Louis; Caskeys Persuader From Amberlight x SH CH Dunnygask Ginger Spice At Caskeys ), resulted in her achieving top brood bitch in 2013. Coincidentally, both litters were born on the same day, just two years apart. This girl certainly knew how to make life difficult for Camilla. She would come into season in January and so Camilla, at first, travelled by car. In Sweden, you always have winter tyres, but not so in the U.K. As she was buying a car, she flew from Stockholm to Holland to pick up her new Volvo, which had summer tyres on it. All was fine getting to and crossing the Channel, but she had not anticipated heavy snow in England.She did not know Eva, but Camilla had seen Louis as a puppy and really wanted to mate her girl to him. When she met Eva, she remembers being absolutely frozen, trying to warm herself in front of a fire in a pub. Having travelled all that way on her own, she wondered if any pups would arrive because only a slip mating occurred and then neither dog was interested in the other! So it was that she left for that long journey home.   

Such determination to get the best dog certainly paid off. In their first litter, they gave us 3 INTL CH Coppers Bubble Power, C. Bubbel Story, INTL/SH CH C. Magical Bubble, SH CH Coppers Champagne Bubble At Aoibheanne and Rus Ch Coppers Christal Bubble.…….  

Sh Ch Coppers Champagne Bubble JW (Aka Vita), owned by Eva Ciechonska, gained her first C.C. in 2008, at Midland Counties, under Gordon Haran (Magregor); in 2009, at I.S.C.S. under Joan Northend (Joben); in 2010, at Manchester, under Becky Box (Fernstart) and City of Birmingham, under Rita Pike (Scarletti), in 2011, at I.S.B.C., under Priscilla Smith (Reddins). Later, when she was mated to Sh Ch & Ir SH CH Gwendariff Whippersnapper J.W. (Aka Nilsson), they produced Evas lovely Vera, Sh Ch Aoibheannes Say No More.   

For the second mating, again in January, Camilla travelled by Inter rail that system, so familiar to travelling students, which meant jumping from one train to the next; almost missing connections, but eventually arriving at Harwich to be picked up by Eva. Much the same thing happened, but it certainly proved successful yet again with exactly the same number of pups being produced. 

In their second litter, born on 24th. March 2009, they produced three Show Champions – Sh Ch Coppers Prima Bubblerina (Aka Pinglan), co – owned with Lynn Muir, winning in 2012, at S.E.I.S.C., under Bonnie Andrews (Bonhomie), at National Gundog, under Brenda Berry (Brinara) and at I.S.A.E., under Barbara Birch (Moyna). They also gave us Sh Ch Coppers Bubble Of Joy (Aka Nice), owned by Silke Lohkamp Sommer (Living Highland). In 2011, she won B.O.B. at I.S.B.C., under Lynn Muir (Romarne); B.O.B., in 2013, at Windsor, under Teresa Gisby (Sutersett) and B.C.C., at S.E.I.S.C., under Viv Blackshaw (Lanstara). In 2015, Sandra Chorley Newton gave her a R.B.C.C. at Crufts. The third champion from this litter was Sh Ch Coppers Champange On Ice At Aoibheanne (Aka Edward;), owned by Eva Ciechonska. Up to 2013, he had won five R.D.C.C.s, but in that same year, he went on to win B.O.B. three times – at Paignton, under Gaye OConnor (Caispern) and Group 3; at S.W.K.A., under Jane Mugford (Lynwood) and Group 2 and on 16/10/2013, at Gundog Society of Wales, under Mr. C. MacKay (Chevron) and Group 3. In 2014, at Paignton, under David Shields (Wilholme), he won a further C.C. and, in that year, he also won four R.D.C.C.s.   

Sh Ch INT CH JWW-08 Coppers Magical Bubble (Aka Tosca) is owned by Madde Bäckman. She gained her title with wins in 2012, at Crufts, under Eva Ciechonska (Aoibheanne), in 2015, at Leeds, under Priscilla Smith (Reddins) and at Paignton, under Gaye O’Connor (Caispern).  

Those are the Bubbley ones, which were made up in the U.K. Despite the endless miles to get to the U.K., they have given me so many moments of joy, so many friends and happy days.   

There are also some INT CH from the litter. In 2009, the rules changed over here. We still cannot win a C.C. in Sweden because of the official hunting club rules, but we can now win CACIBs and become an INT CH. What do we have to do for that? Well dogs have to be 2 years old to gain a CACIB, we need to go to 3 different countries under 4 different judges. Also 1 year has to pass between the first and last CACIB. Sweden isnt a small country, but we do not have many CACIB shows at all. Last year, we only had 6 in total from the very north to the very south. We are surrounded by water, so chasing CACIBS means having to travel miles, using ferries and so on. It is mainly fun going on the trips, especially if you win! 

Back to the Bubbles success – In Finland there are INTCH Coppers Bubble Power (Aka Börje) owned by Maarit Flink and INTCH Coppers Bubble Story (Aka Hilla) owned by Eijja Jormakka. Börje sired for me CH Coppers Wine N Roses (Aka Neita) when mated toLynwood Kiss And Tell Coppers (Aka Nora; Coppers Bubblande Glad x Sh Ch Lynwood Sealed With A Kiss). Hilla, when sired by Anlory Keltic Blue Sky, gave me my Frinan boy and girl.   

Also, there is INT CH Coppers Legend Of Bubbles (Aka Douglas), owned by L Warmboe.   

The Bubbles litter also contained Coppers Pratbubbla and Coppers Classic Bubble, who were both Group winners.   

In Russia, with Irina Isaenko, we find R CH Coppers Christal Bubble.   

As I look at this litter, I am pretty sure that if they had been shown in the U.K., then they could also have done some winning. This really was a good litter.   

From Tosca (C. Magical Bubble), we have one of our countrys most successful girls ever. I must extend my thanks to Madde, for being a perfect owner and a clever handler. I had the breeding rights, so it was time to do a magical litter in many ways. I used Dubliner Tiger Woods ( WW-08 A Soft Wind Of The Golden Wale x Dubliner Imagine) and the boy I loved the most ever was born – my Muscot / Sh Ch INTCH SEW-13,14,15 Coppers Magiska Under. This remarkably handsome boy won his first best male at 9 months of age at Stockholm, under Colin MacKay (Chevron) and just kept winning – loads of Groups, B.I.S. at S.K.K. and in a couple of months over in the U.K. he was made up. From that litter, I also kept lovely INT CH Coppers Magical Twist (Aka Miss Fläder).   

2014 was such a memorable year for us. At Three Counties, I remember so well the feeling I had on winning the D.C.C. and then B.O.B., under Phyllis Pollard (Grayrigge). It was a fantastic day for the Coppers. We also won at Windsor, under Sandra Sturrock (Forfarian), at Bournemouth, under Sandra Christian (Cloverdell), including B.O.B. and Group 4; at W.K.C., under Barry Shapter (Pepperstock), including B.O.B. He also won six R.D.C.C.’s – 2 in 2013, 3 in 2014 and 1 in 2017. 

We returned to the U.K., in 2018, to the I.S.A.E., to win R.D.C.C., behind his son Sh Ch Coppers War of Roses. That was another special day, with his daughter Coppers Roses All Over winning R.C.C. and Evas Vera winning the C.C. It was very much a family day!   

Now I must come to the section on CH Coppers Wine and Roses (Aka Neita; INTCH Coppers Bubble Power x Lynwood Kiss N Tell Coppers) owned by Laura Kolbach, who, at the time, was living in Hungary where she already had from me INTCH Coppers Music N Paws (Aka Danka). She also worked her in the fields.   

Neita, called Briita by me (as I couldnt say Neita in the right Hungarian way;=)) was born in a litter where there were a number of really nice pups. Her brother, C. Rock N Roll, owned by Maarit Flink, again in Finland, has had some lovely winnings while C. Wash n Go has done the same at Club shows over here.   

Anyway, Laura wasnt really sure whether she would have another one, but, in the end, she couldnt resist. We agreed that I could have her back for a litter eventually. She did well, winning well in Hungary and at Club Shows in Holland etc. She came back to me and we started waiting for her to come into season. Well, she decided to take her time and so, lets face it, I lived with her for almost a year. Poor Laura! During that time, we won a CACIB and B.O.S. to Muscot, under Gordon Haran (Magregor). At last, I did my dream mating to Muscot and the Rose litter was born. I kept my C. Roses All Over (Aka Akleja), who gained 2 R.C.C.s in the UK (in 2017, at I.S.C.S., under Pat Butler-Holley (Shandwick) and at the I.S.A.E., under Judi Frampton (Strathmead). 

In Poland, we have INT CH Coppers Gypsy Rose, the lovely Muffin, owned by Agnieszka Szeliga, who has sired winners in many countries including the U.K. – Jane Mugfords SH CH Sanghara Skyline Over Lynwood (Aka Abby), Jetsetter Cristalle To Polmennor J.W. for Angela Roberts and more to come, we hope.   

Now, back to Neita. In 2014, at Three Counties, under Phyllis Pollard (Grayrigge), we did the double with Muscot; at I.S.A.E., under Peter Hall (Harreds); in 2015, at Paignton, under Brian Grace (Ranaleen); Setter And Pointer, under Jane Mugford (Lynwood); at Crufts with Priscilla Smith (Reddins) and, perhaps the best of all, Laura being so clever by making herbecome a full Champion!!!!That was and is still totally mind-blowing, as that means work, skills and a clever little doggie!!!   

Other clever owners and clever dogs to be mentioned are also full CH Coppers Snowdancer (Sh Ch Avacet Snowdrift x Coppers Sockerkringla), owned by Esther Siegfrid in Switzerland. That is another one with brains and beauty! From that same mating came Marie Wilsons first Show Champion -SH CH Coppers Snowqueen (Aka Elsa), who went on to gain her title in one year, 2018, as well as two R.B.C.C.s. Her three CCs came from Alister Watt at S.O.E.I.S.C., Carolyn Hogsflesh at Leeds and Lyn Muir at Belfast and District Irish Setter Club. She also gained 2 R.B.C.C.s. 

Half-sister to Neita is INT CH Coppers Magic Glimmer, who is owned by Bronka Glonekeva in Slovenia. She, too, has also passed her field trial.   

From that combination, it is worth mentioning INTCH Coppers Magic Master, owned by Aleksandra Janik in Poland and INT CH Coppers The Magic Flute, owned by Katrina Toika, in Finland.   

Torbjörn Bergström owned the lovely INTCH Copper’s Törnrosa(Aka Maja), who, on many occasions, managed to win over her dad. I will forever remember our crazy trip to Norway to get her last CACIB. Surviving that was a miracle in tons of snow and winds!!Yet, we did it and it is now a fond memory.   

And then there is Arthur :=) ( Sh Ch Coppers War of Roses) – Blake Crockers big winner at the moment, on 45 C.C.s and 20 R.D.C.C.s making him the second most prolific C.C. winner behind SH CH Caspians Intrepid J.W. (Aka JJ; SH CH Danaway Debonair x Caspians Night Music). He has gained all these awards from 2014 2020. He was the most handsome pup and he lived with me for the first months of life. I know his personality, which is very much likeMuscot’s – always willing to do their best in the ring, but clowns in the house. They are so veryaffectionateand you justhave tolove them. Of course, as his breeder, I couldnt be prouder of his achievements! As we all know, Arthur has won many C.C.s and the details would fill the column on their own! Suffice to say that his first was in 2014, at L.K.A, under Mrs. G.M. Townsend (Follidown) and his crown came in 2015, at Three Counties, from Becky Box (Fernstart). That was one of the four C.C.s that he won that year. In 2016, he won 12 C.C.s, 7 in 2017, 9 in 2018, 10 in 2019 and 2 in 2020. That is some achievement. Well done! 

For Blake, he has already sired 4 Show Champions. When mated to SH CHNeathamillNerissa, they produced, in April 2016, SH CHRiverbrue Gloriana, SH CH RiverbrueAlchemist AmidstKespas(Aka Ronnie), SH CHRiverbrue Ophelia At Glennara and SH CHRiverbrueAltissimo At Aoibheanne. We would all have to agree – not a bad achievement!   

Diane Ritchie Stewart also came over and grabbed Coppers Comin Up Roses at   

Gwendariff(Aka Kikki), who is a class winner at Crufts. She hates travelling, so mainly stays at home where she has produced nicely for theGwendariffKennel. I have a daughter –GwendariffGift To Coppers.   

I must say that I have loved a lot of my dogs so much and I am not gonnaname them except for My Wild Irish Rose,Muscotand, at home now, I have Magda, who totally has me under her thumb!! I think naming them is just because I doactually thinkthey loved, love me over anyone else. Whenever her most handsomeMuscotcame home to her, he would not leave my side and would put his paw on my leg, as if to say youre not going anywhere without me. We are staying here’.  

When thinking about my proudest momentsI suppose, I should say, my dogs winning at Crufts. I love the U.K., the dogs, the people, the show scene, which is more relaxed, nicer and with more competition. I simply love your system. With the CACIB, you can gain one more easily because if the dog in front of you is already a champion, then you get the CACIB. Camilla enjoys going to Holland, too, where, like Sweden, you can get a good entry at certain shows. However, entries have changed because there are now dogs imported from Australia and the U.S.A., which are influencing the breed and so those people will not enter under a British judge etc. Each time Camilla visits the U.K. , she knows that it will takeat least two days each way and so shehas toplan for dog sitters for up to a week. It can be difficult, but she says that it is well worth it. As a child, her family would rent a cottage in some part of the U.K. and she has some wonderful childhood memories of our country. Her sisters also like it with one living here for seventeen years. There are so many things to do and see here and she always brings some of her dogs with her.   

Yet, there are shows elsewhere that I love for other reasons – Stockholm in the winter and the spectacular work that is put into making this special. The big ring is always fantastic with decorations, musicI love being there and the times when I won the group have been totally outstanding. Or sometimes you remember shows for other reasons other than the winning – for a fun weekend with friends, or all the things that can happen on the wayand does happen!!   

My affix is easy to explain – the shine of Copper reminds me of the shiny coats of the Irish Setter and so that is why I chose the Affix.   

When considering whether to allow my dog to be a stud for an owner, I must first find that the bitches are good enough. After all, a boy cannot do it all by himself and I think a strong bitch line is most important.   

When I choose a dog, I want a dog in balance with a good front. If you lose that, it will take ages to get it back. The same applies to the heads – dont lose them and think I will just put it back in the next generation. I want a good topline and I hate tails over the back, even if I managed to breed that. I want a temperament that is easy to live with, but also loves to perform when asked. A dog can be ever so beautiful, but if it doesnt want to show – well it doesnt. I do love angulations, but not to be overdone and weak and I do want good moving dogs with attitude. When choosing a male for breeding, hehas tohave parts that can improve the girl. I live in Sweden and the Kennel Club try to make us breed with COI under 6.9. Well that is not something I consider as my biggest goal, but now and then, I need to try another pedigree and hope for something still looking like what I like. Temperament, for me, is so very important. I want nice dogs to be able to live a good life with pet owners as well. We dont just breed for the showring. I do like to sell for show homes, but it is also not always the happiest of moments when people think they are buying a future Champion. That takes years of learning and preparing for showing. Good homes are my main concern. If they want to show and learn, that is a bonus.   

Looking backno, I dont think I regret breeding, I have learnt so much through the years. I have learnt not to keep if not good enough. It is important not to go blind just because you bred it. Be hard in your choice of girls/boys to breed from. I have brought in so many imports, some being super for breeding, some not. There are always good homes to be found if a dog doesnt reach your expectations.   

Also, good friends are the best and honest people and what we learn from are good, honest discussions. If I have a litter, I have special friends I send pictures to as I know their opinion is worth considering. In fact, the more you learn isactually alsomaking thingsharder :=)). 

From the start, it wasnt my goal to gain U.K. Show Champions, but, up to now, I have owned or bred 11 U.K. Show Champions I am just bloodylucky that I sold to the best people who made it possible. I would be nowhere without them.   

I am a bad, bad person. I do not actually know how many INT CH I have bred, but, for me, the 11 UK ones are my proudest.   

When picking a puppy, I trained by handling them. I believe that I am good at picking them out now. Well Ive had plenty of time to do so! I take videos and send photos to friends, like Eva and some of my Swedish friends, who will give me their opinion. Sometimes we disagree, but usually we end up agreeing by the last week. I like to see them with an attitude, striding out, with a lashing tail. They must move well and be pretty. Some say conformation is first. Youhave tolive with the head and so sometimes, it is the head that is first. 

Camilla believes thatMuscotand Edward have been the most influential dogs in the U.K. because they have sired so many champions for different Kennels that includeNeathamill, Forfarian and plenty of others. I am sure that Ruth Longbottom would agree because when mated toGwendariffThe Catz Wiskers J.W. (Aka Lou Lou; SH CH Northamber Just Cause For Glenavna JW x GwendariffThe Special One J.W.) they produced her SH CHGwendariffUnknown Soldier (Aka Squaddie), with his 4 D.C.C.s and his 7 R.D.C.C.s. Also, Diane Stewart- Ritchie decided thatMuscotwould be the best mate for her SH CHGwendariffMiss Whiplash JW (Aka Coco). Together they produced for Diane SH CH & Ir SH CHGwendariffWhippersnapper (Aka Nilsson) with his twenty-nine B.O.B., 33 C.C.s and twenty-two R.D.C.C.s. He also won Top Dog All Breeds in 2016 in his country of Origin. To some, his greatest win may have been the coveted title of Champion of Champions in his native land, in 2019. His litter sisters, Diane and Alec’s, Ir Sh Ch GwendariffWalnut Whip (Aka Tosca) andGwendariffWhipsaDaisy J.W., owned by Alison and Frank Meadows in partnership with Diane, have also achieved.In particular, Tosca, has excelled as a brood bitch because she is the mother of this years Crufts Gundog Group winner – Sh Ch, Ir SH CH & INTL Sh Ch GwendariffCoconut Cream (Aka Elsie). In total, Toscas progenyhavesecured 42 C.C.s and she is the mother of 3 G.B. Champions, 4 International Champions, 3 Irish Champions, 1 Icelandic Champion and 1 German Champion. Again, that is some achievement!GwendariffWhipsaDaisy J.W. has also produced some winners and a Champion (Sh Ch Gwendariff D’Ya Know My NameByBardonhillJ.W.) from her one and only litter with Covarney Flap Jack (Sh Ch HarvancourtHarlem AtJacingail x Covarney Coco J.W.). What a successful family in so many ways! Reading of this success only makes the next part more poignant. Sadly, Camilla had intended to collect more semen from dearestMuscot, when he tragically passed away so suddenly. Only two Kennels still have some. 

When considering her dog for stud, she must like the bitch, which may not be the most glorious of bitches. She asks herself whether she would like to have something from their litter. As with other successful breeders, Camilla refers to that feelingfor the right match. She has been known to say ‘no’ whether it is a famous mate or not. Also, she looks at the pedigree to look at any health issues that may be known in the lines because she would not want to double up on any problems’.   

When she sells her pups, shehas totrust the owners to look carefully if they intend to breed. In Sweden, there are no endorsements Sold is sold! Shehas tokeep her fingers crossed that the new owners will ask her advice on a suitable mate. Most do. 

When selling her pups, she, like so many others, asks many questions and invites prospective owners to visit and view. They come from all over , especially from Europe, but she does not expect that from Australia and New Zealand. She wants her dogs to be indoor, family dogs. If they are to be kennelled, then they will not get a pup from Coppers. I think she hit the nail on the head when she lovingly said Irish Setters should be loved. They are so sensitive. If the new owners want to show the dog, then she encourages them to find classes run by the unofficial Irish Setter Club of Sweden. They can be found in local areas and hold meetings, demonstrations etc. such as trimming, obedience and ringcraft. She also encourages them to go to shows, such as in Holland, where there are more classes for new, young dogs, who will not be up against big names. In this way, they will experience success and maybe get a rosette, which will be considered wonderful. 

The end of this year may see a show out of doors yet. This will allow plenty of space to spread out because puppies need the experience to be introduced to the show world. In Sweden, classes start for Minor Puppies (4 6 months old); Puppy (6 – 9 months old); Junior (9 – 15 months old); Intermediate (!5 24 months old); Open Class (2 8 years old) and the Champions Class. A CACIB can only be achieved after 2 years of age. 

At home, all her dogs live indoors and have the run of the house, which means that shehas toclean a great deal. Yes, we all know that feeling and those tasks, but theyre worth it!!Camilla would want it no other way. There is plenty of land around where she lives and so she just opens the gate and off they go together.   

She has no worries about selling her pups to people living in flats either. With limited space, these people tend to go out more than some of those who have a house and a garden. In fact, several U.K. judges find Swedish dogs are more muscled. Perhaps running and jumping in the snow helps. Sweden is a nation of good swimmers and the dogs go too. 

Being so proud of Neitas full champion status, I wondered if she had ever been interested in field trialling. A confident ‘yes’ was the answer, but location was and is a problem. No field birds would be foundnearbyand she would have to travel for two days to go right up North or far down South to find the birds, train and participate in events. In Sweden it is a very expensive, time consuming hobby with some ‘birdie’ people having their own hunting grounds. 

With retirement on the horizon, Camilla may turn to breeding two litters in a year. We shall just have to wait and see what the future holds. Most modestly, she insists that none of her success would have happened without good friends and owners showing andhelping out. What others might say is that all good things turn to gold, but in this case COPPERS. TackCamilla, for sharing the success story of your well-known Kennel. 

Blake Crocker har skrivit en hel del oxå;

‘When I had been travelling around with Morrisey, I had seen Neita (Ch Copper’s Wine’N
Roses) in the Junior Class at Crufts, I thought she was perfect. I loved her and I knew that I

wanted to get something out of her. Laura Kolbach (Pawsword ) told me that Camilla Ostman
(Copper’s) would be having her back to have a litter. I did not know Camilla although I did
know of her dogs. I contacted her and asked if she would be willing to let me have a male
pup. She was so accommodating and told me that I could have pick of the dogs – naturally I
was absolutely delighted. I also was so pleased because the sire was going to be Int Ch/Sh
Ch. Coppers Magiska Under (Muscot). I had given his mother, Int Ch/Sh Ch Copper’s
Magical Bubble, B.I.S at the ISF and him RBIS and knew Camilla’s consistent success by
being ‘typey’ and knowing that she had sound dogs. Over the years, she has been the biggest
influence in Irish Setters for me. She has been fabulous and so supportive of Arthur and my
breeding. She is responsible for the dogs that I have today. To me, she is Mrs Irish Setter and
her opinion is the one I value most. What an achievement to have produced eleven U.K.
champions from a foreign country’.
‘Both Camilla and I knew Muscot’s potential and after several conversations regarding his
U.K. title, he came to live with me in England for several months. Camilla got him his first
D.C.C. and B.O.B. in 2014, at Three Counties, under Mrs. P. Pollard (Grayrigge). What
commitment on Camilla’s part – she went home, leaving her special boy behind in my care’.
Their belief in his potential was soon met when he gained three further D.C.C.’s in 2014,
starting with Mrs. S. Sturrock (Forfarian) at Windsor; Mrs. S. Christian (Cloverdell) giving
him his U.K. title at Bournemouth as well as B.O.B. and his fourth from Barry Shapter
(Pepperstock) at W.K.C. where he went on to achieve Group 4, under Mrs. P. Butler Holley
‘We had sheep in the family, so it was always a little hairy introducing new, older dogs to
them, so imagine our concern when Muscot decided to head straight for them. Fortunately for
us, that despite splitting the flock in two, he hadn’t actually acknowledged their existence and
was heading for the filthy stream at the bottom! He was such a joy to have around and never
a moment’s trouble.’
‘In the Spring of ’13, Neita and Muscot produced twelve offspring. Laura and I went out to
Sweden to view the pups. It was a hot, sunny day and as we were duly going through the
pups, Diane Stewart Ritchie (Gwendariff) arrived. We went through all the pups and Diane
gave her view of them. She picked up Arthur and confirmed what I had thought. She was
choosing a bitch for herself and decided on Copper’s Comin Up Roses for Gwendariff (Aka
Kiki). Overall, it was a super litter and everyone was so happy despite our ‘thick heads’ the

next day! Ten weeks later, Camilla arrived with them both. I couldn’t believe my luck. He
was here, and he was mine!’
‘As a puppy, Arthur was so naughty. He would destroy items in the house, climb on the table,
chase the chickens and geese and never seemed to settle – a real boy. At one time he had the
house phone on the floor. It rang twice and I could hear ‘emergency services, do you need
anything? ‘No one can blame the person on the other end of the phone for not believing me!
Young Arthur was a real devil.’
‘Out of six shows he was B.P. five times. At his first show, at S. Wales, Jane Mugford
(Lynwood) gave him best puppy, an award he also attained at Crufts when Morrissey got best
of breed. The showing world has been very fair to us and Arthur is an example of how a good
dog can win big regardless of who is showing it. Competition has certainly moved up a scale.
People prepare their dogs better and put a lot of effort in before coming to a show, so it is not
surprising that it is so competitive. After all, competition does not start or end in the show
‘There is so much preparation required to produce a top class show dog – from the coat
maintenance, at home, inclusive of bathing and grooming, through to the development of a
good temperament. All has to be done at home and only when they are ready should the dogs
enter the show ring. If no work is put in at home then no one can be surprised when those
who do win’.
‘Amelia became Arthur’s regular partner in the ring and took him up a gear and turned him
into a show dog. It was a concentrated effort. She took him from a youngster to a seasoned
show dog and had no fear of showing him. At their first show together they took the C.C and
best of breed. I loved seeing them together because they were such a great team. When I took
over with him, he was even better because he had learned so much from her; she had brought
out the best of him and had refined him as a show dog – she has a natural talent and only
made my job much easier.’
‘In all honesty, it would be unrealistic to list all his successes. Suffice to say that to date, he
has forty-five C.C., thirty-four BOB., and twenty RCC. two x all breed RBIS, and eight
champ show Group 1. Mrs. G.M. Townsend (Follidown) started him off with his first C.C. at
L.K.A. This was quickly followed with a second from Mrs. P. Pallister (Penwyn) at Bath and
it was Miss R. Box (Fernstart), who gave him his title in style by also awarding him B.O.B.
at Three Counties. He was the top Irish for 2016, 17, 18 and 2019’.

‘I took Arthur to my local vet to get his hips scored. I was absolutely astounded when the vet
gave me the score; but also resigned myself to the fact that there was very little point in
redoing them with a specialist scanner. In hindsight, I should have done that in the first
‘Naturally, over the years, I have read pages and pages on research that has been done into
hip scores. There is a lot of evidence to suggest that they are, in fact, not genetically linked.
Obviously, the prospect of him being used as a stud dog did worry me, so I made the decision
not to offer him at public stud. I can watch him for hours every day gaiting around the fields
and woodland or swimming and there is nothing to suggest to me that this is a dog you would
think had such a high hip score!’
When it came to Sh Ch Neathamill Nerissa having a litter, ‘Jennie, Amelia and I thought long
and hard about who should be the sire. Carolyn and I had always planned on using Arthur. He
would complement her so well making a litter pedigree of three quarters Copper’s, and a little
Thendara and Brabrook. It would certainly bring out their finer points. I also knew that the
risk of using Arthur would be with me. Jennie obviously had an interest and so we all co-bred
the litter of ten – three males and seven bitches. Our intention had been to keep for Jennie and
us and let the rest go to pet homes. Gloriana was staying from the minute she could stand.
From that litter of ten came four champions. Our early intentions had been eroded when
Katrina Hall asked if she could be considered for one. She chose R. Ophelia (Aka Lily) and
we were happy for her to go to Katrina because we knew that she would have a fantastic life.
There were two boys that we liked, but I could not make up my mind. Eva Ciechonska came
to see the pups, could see the dilemma and kindly offered to run them on for us to give us
time to consider further. When they were four months old, we met Eva and Katrina in
Southampton to have their hips screened. Thankfully, they all looked great. All of them
looked below the breed average. We then decided that Ronnie was coming back with us and
that as a thank you for her help Eva, if she wanted, could have Riverbrue Altissimo (Aka
Geoffrey). She was ‘over the moon’ because Geoffrey was her choice anyway’.
J’ennie chose a pretty, smaller girl from the litter, Riverbrue Keepsake. Lyra, as she’s known,
has been lightly shown due to Jennie’s heavy work commitments. Lyra has been the slowest
to mature out of the five of them, but at Crufts 2020 delighted us with wining Limit Bitch and
making the final four for the CC. We’re very much looking forward to continuing with her
when the shows start again’.

‘While I was at G.B.A.S., the Stockton’s asked me what we had kept because Pat had been
interested in the litter having given Robyn a CC. She later emailed me and expressed her
liking for him and would I consider a partnership or letting them have him? I think the email
started “Cheeky I know!” I thought about it, knowing what a loving home and unrivalled life
Ronnie would have. A week later, Ken and Pat collected him with one very happy Pat. All
four dogs had been the pups that each one had wanted. Each one of them has won B.P. in
breed. They had been shared out equally and they are all loved by four people’. In 2017,
‘Ronnie was the first to gain a C.C. and B.O.B., at Gundog Society of Wales., under Ann
Moss. Gloriana was next, from Myra Thomas-Rhodes at G.B.A.S., where she was beaten for
B.O.B. by Arthur, who was being shown by Amelia. Geoffrey got his first in 2018, at
Midland Counties, from Mrs. P. Pallister while Lily got hers at Richmond from Mr. R
McCleave. ‘The four owners have a good healthy rivalry, being very supportive and with
each of their dogs being made up’. Ronnie has eight B.O.B. and ten D.C.C.’s; Geoffrey has
three D.C.C.’s; Gloriana has nine B.O.B. and seventeen B.C.C.’s and Lily has one B.O.B.
and three B.C.C.’s.’ It has been wonderful to witness their successes. They have, on several
occasions, won both the dog and bitch CC’s between them and very often doing it with their
father Arthur too. Astoundingly – Gloria and Arthur have ‘done the double’ an amazing eight
times – a feat which makes me undeniably proud.’
Showing Gloriana has also been different. ‘I have never experienced showing a bitch like her.
She has the temperament of a male. She never goes out of coat, which is such a bonus.
Within five months of having a litter of fifteen, she was more than ready for the showring.
Unfortunately, COVID put pay to that! I think that her beautiful coat comes from Detroit
Spinner’s influence, but, overall, she is a female version of Arthur. She is reactive and kind.
She has astounding showmanship and never flags in the ring. This has more than
demonstrated itself with her successes at Group level. To have both share my life makes me
the luckiest man around.’
Now which of these much-loved dogs would be my heart dog? ‘Arthur’. Why? ‘Because all
of the time that we have spent together, I've never had to worry about him, he’s so self-
assured. The dog speaks for himself and he has achieved so much. He is responsive, full of
fun and really it is hard to choose between him and Gloria. They're both so special and have
been a great strength to me. They are incredible. They've spent so much time with me that it
almost seems unreal. We have a very special closeness and I really couldn’t think about a
future where they’re not in it. Arthur has lost eighteen months in the ring. No-one knows

what he could have achieved. He may not have the accolade of a prolific and influential stud
dog, but he is an iconic dog. I am so proud of him and I am unable to put his achievements
into words. His exuberance and eagerness to please almost got to the point of him throwing
away his chances because he became ‘so giddy’, but then Amelia took him and he responded.
The rest is history’.
‘There are so many moments I am proud of in his career – two reserve best in shows, or
maybe the best in show at the National Gundog show and best of breed and Group 4 at
Crufts. Although Crufts may be considered the best, National Gundog is also a prestigious
show and it often has breed specialists as judges whom I have admired so much. That day the
BIS judge was Pat Butler-Holley, so to go BIS under her, in terrific competition, was a very
proud moment. It is so difficult to single out one moment because, with Arthur, there are so
‘His first Reserve Best in Show at Three Counties is probably my most memorable moment. I
had been judging at the Irish Setter Club of Belfast and the connection flight meant I would
not have seen the two of them compete for BIS. After judging on the Saturday night, two of
the exhibitors that had driven over approached me to see if I would like a lift back through
the night, so I wouldn’t miss it. I will always be grateful for that. When I saw Arthur go
RBIS, – he looked spectacular – the sun was beating down and he showed his socks off.’
‘Whilst I’m not so sure on ‘regrets’, I certainly acknowledge my mistakes. Yet, these are the
things that make you who you are. I have learned loads and know that I would never make
those mistakes again’.
‘I prefer exhibiting to judging and I do not regard judging as something that I “must do”. I’ve
been judging since 2008. My first show, as a judge, was at Hillsborough and District, where
Gwendariff The Special One got B.O.B. My fist CC appointment was to be Bath in 2020.
Like so many others, that was lost due to show cancellations. My appointment with Bath has
been moved to 2023. I do know what I like, but I also like being on the end of the lead’.
‘I have judged in Sweden and it is planned for me to judge the setter Derby in Austria in
September. Also, I will be doing Pointers and Red & Whites’.
‘Pointers have also played a large part in my life – I have been lucky enough to make up three
Pointers with Amelia and her mother Annette, two of which have won groups at
championship shows. One of those was Wilchrimane Frankel – a puppy champion, who also

won an adult group at Windsor at eight months old. At seven weeks old, Frankie really didn’t
do it for me, but how wrong could I have been? She went on to win everything. She was Best
Puppy in Championship Shows five times. She went on to achieve Top Pointer Puppy
together with Top Pointer Bitch ’17, whilst also becoming the youngest show champion in
breed history. Amelia put a lot of effort into the dogs and it paid off.’
‘In 2014, we imported ‘Bingo’ – Am/Can and UK Ch Seasyde Chesterhope Bingo from
Helyne Medeiros from the famous Seasyde kennels in America. He literally, bounced off of
the plane into our lives and never stopped causing chaos. He had a great show career – he
wasn’t campaigned hard simply because we were still showing Sh Ch Wilchrimane Ice
Maiden and Arthur was about to reach the pinnacle of his career’.
‘At his first show, he won Best Puppy under Mr A Brace, and attained his UK title at sixteen
months old, winning his third CC under Frank Kane at Midland Counties. He went on to win
five CC’s in total and was then retired from the show ring’.
‘I have been most fortunate to be around people who are so good with dogs, helping me to
achieve success; another breed – clumber spaniels at Group level. Jan inspired me to look at
type while Camilla would talk in depth about Irish setters. They have taught me so much and
this is what has brought me to be able to have such fine dogs like Arthur, Gloria and
‘I have been most fortunate to have bred owned or bred 10 Irish Setter Champions to date.
Seems unbelievable really!’
‘On many occasions I have told and seen the emotion in some of the judges faces when they
have awarded them top honours. Hopefully, we might see more of Arthur in the ring yet – he
certainly is my special dog and I’m not sure I’m ready to hang up his show lead yet.’
My thanks to Blake for recalling how several people have assisted him in his journey in the
show ring and for sharing the ups and downs that he has faced. Rereading his replies clearly
showed his absolute delight, pride and love for the dogs that are special to him.

Hefin Jones

Tilläggas kan väl att från Muscot / Neitas kull så är Arthur Topsire och Kikki topbrood även år 2022…en sån kull föder man nog bara upp en enda gång i livet om man har tur.