Welcome to Coppers!
My name is Camilla Östman and I bought my first Irish 1979.
I will celebrate 30 year as a breeder in 2014...I love the Irish setter, its personality, looks, raciness, the breed that has it all. I live in the county of Östergötland, about 200 kilometers south of Stockholm. We live in the countryside surrounded by nature. All my dogs are members of the family and all live indoors. I usually breed no more than 1-2 litters a year  sometimes none at all.The first weeks pups are in my bedroom , then move to the room next to the kitchen.Over the years I been active in the breed club. I love making trips to UK and the dog scene there.
I hope you will enjoy my site.

Even as a little girl I knew that when the day came to get my own dog it was going to be an Irish setter. Maybe, it was because I am raised and have been very active in horse sports during my youth, and to me there is no other breed that reminds me of a really beautiful horse...The English Standard prescribes, "must be racy" which to me says a lot My first Irish setter was a typical impulse buy, . I learned a lot from that lady, but she was nothing to proceed with.

Among all the horse people I met was Marita Boland, Kennel Boland, and she had Irish´s. With a tip from Marita my second bitch was eventually bought Övre Lövhöjdens Regina, whom had Maritas beautiful Wendover Red Raider as father.

My first litter was born in 1984 and Copper´s The Man I Love "Kurt", a stroke of luck in litter number one. His pretty sister Copper´s My Heart Belongs To Daddy had a litter with Sowerhill Sailor of Wendover and in that litter I kept Copper´s Just One of Those Things , but more about her later. Kurt won a lot in those days, was the "Irish of the year" twice and most of all deeply loved by me, above this the sweetest dog one could imagine, never a growl ever - and he loved to be among the puppies

Nike´s litter with BonBon´s Irish Like Your Style. And from that I got "Cocky-Malin" C. The Lady is A Tramp, one of my favourite girls during the years. She had the prettiest of heads, wonderful angulations and splendid movements, and on top of this she was a great shower.
The pet-name was a natural choice after all her winnings.

Cocky-Malin was mated to Tactic´s Great Gatsby, and in that litter , Sv-96 Copper´s My Wild Irish Rose is born, and a story begins...  Let me start by saying that she has won more than any other bitch during the 90´s. Breed, hunting and allround judges, nobody has been able to deny her. Most of her wining was done during the old FCI days, when group 7 & 8 was in the same group. One of her most memorable winnings was BIS-3 veteran at the World Dog Show in Finland 98. Another is her BOB and BIG at almost twelve years of age. Beside all this, she has produced great offspring that continues in her tracks...

Mated to Copper´s All Over The Place  saw;

C. Make My Day ,Sv-99 C. Wild Rover ,Sv-00 C. Honeysuckle Rose, Euw-97 Kbhv-97 C. Wild Cat all individual group winners.

Mated to SV91 Wickenberry Kestrel we saw C. My Rebellion Son groupwinner,
Top male ISF C. Matters of My Heart 
Top junior/young dog ISF

...her last litter with Balintyne´s Wild About Harry has resulted in Copper´s Wild Goblin, BIG, Copper´s Wild Honey, BIG-2 and my own Copper´s Wildcard. Not forgetting Copper´s Twice as Wild in Finland.

1988 I also notice the young Wickenberry Pretty Polly, who in 1991 gives birth to SV-92 Wickenberry Kestrel who becomes SV-92 at only 17 months of age.
He has been a wonderful dog, very stabile, healthy and has won a lot during the years.

Mated with cocky-Malin he produced Copper´s Man in Command, BIG and Circuit winner, Copper´s To the Ladys Smile, Copper´s For My Lady, Copper´s Every Inch a Lady, all of them have given their owners great times in the show ring.

But lets not forget Coppers Just One of Those Things and her daughter Sv-91 Coppers Burning Bridges , a very pretty bitch who has won a lot. Through her litter at Kennel Dubliner she is featured in many of today's pedigrees in Sweden.

In 1998 Balintynes Wild about Harry ", moved into the kennel. A lovely dog, with a lot of the irishes´s in the pedigree that I like. He has a classical head, great movements and a lot of elegance. In current years his offspring has been shown in Sweden, Finland , UK and the Netherlands.

In 1999 GBSHCH Nordv-00 V-03 Classic Red Aniara entered my life. Her mother SV-00 Coppers Honeysuckle Rose, one of my favourite bitches, was mated to Euw-97 Kbhv-97 Sv-98 Ember James Bond, and the litter turned out extremely well.!Sweetpea! won her GBSHCH as the first overseas bred ever to gain the title. She won groups, Irish of the year, top junior of the year. I loved her  but she was admired by many.

Her first litter  to  saw among others ,C Prince Of Thieves and Coppers Prinsessan På Ärten,  both who proved themselves valuable for the future.

Aniara cleared out, bag and baggage and left for England in 2002. While staying there she managed to get 2 RCC and 3 CC, the first bitch ever from abroad to become GB SH CH !! She also managed 16 pups . The happy father of the big family was Caskeys Vaguely Scottish JW. She came back to Sweden with son and daughter . Her daughter Balintyne Copper´s Home `N Dry was topwinning young bitch as well as top winning bitch at ISF shows during 2004.

WW08 FJV03 Balintyne Coppers Home N Dry / Bubbles kept on winning , 2005 she was mated to Bright Souls Glad All Over and  Copper´s Bubblande Glad stayed. He has been winning really well including groups.Proud of his offspring here,Holland, UK and Australia. His beautiful sister Copper´s Pure Bubble lives on Åland with Kickie Boman  , photographer and setter lover  whom I ´m really grateful for so many of the pictures.
 From the lovely litter to GBSHCH Lynwood Sealed With A Kiss Nora came back with daddy  to Sweden.

2007  I and Bubbles made a long trip to UK and SHCH Caskeys Concept at Aiobheanne and the famous bubbles where born. 2009 saw us making the trip once more. So far from the litters  9 has been made up,;
GBSHCH Coppers Champagne Bubble at Aiobheanne JW JWW08 CIE  Coppers Magical Bubble Top Show Irish 2010 in Sweden , 2011 Top Irish ISF group winner BIS-4 SKK Coppers Classic Bubble group winner Coppers Pratbubbla group winner winning offspring in Holland, Belgium , Australia Coppers Bubble Power Finland on his way to CIE CIE Coppers Bubble Story on her way to CIE Coppers Disco Bubble  R CH Coppers Cristal   Bubble Coppers Legend Of Bubbles

From the repeat mating came
Coppers Bubblardusåbubblarjag  CACIB Coppers Champagne On Ice at Aiobheanne JWRCC so far.. Coppers Bubble of Joy  BIS Piet Rooks day 2009, BIS ,CC Joint Irish Setter Club Show England 2011 Class winner Midlimit Crufts 2012 Coppers Såpbubbla groupwinner Coppers Prima Bubblerina ,classwinner England, CC Holland, BOS in Sweden, RCC UK

Bubbles has had a last litter 2011 and at home stayed Coppers MacBubble

Bubbles herself has been top brood for 3 years running, top veteran in breed and 2010 she showed the young ones to still look out going BIS at ISF special. Her half sister Coppers Prinsessan På Ärten has proved herself not only in the ring (2CC). Mated to Balintyne Coppers Home Run came MULTICH, Grand CH, H CH HJCH CIE CIB Coppers Music n Paws, top Irish in Hungary 2008 and 2009.
She is an International Field Trial CH and I´m so proud!!!
Owned and trained by Laura Kolbach.

Vallmo was also mated to Queensett Highlander and Coppers Prins Trollmåne flew off to Australia  . He won his CH  together with BIS at the biggest special in Australia. So far he sired numbers of  CH offspring. Vallmo was also mated to Coppers Bubblande Glad and Coppers Thats It Thats Me joined Prins Trollmåne at Amhurst in Australia.She has won CC and produced a lovely litter (AI) to Coppers Pratbubbla. I repeated this mating and kept Coppers Under my Umbrella twice top youngster, 2010 ISF  Top Irish, CC Holland, class win Uk...and still young;=))
Her brother GB SHCH Coppers Undercover at Lynwood JW made up 2011 with so far 11 RCC and 4 CC including 2 BIS

JWW08 Coppers Magical Bubble was mated to Dubliner Tiger Woods 2009 and Coppers Magiska Under and sister Coppers Magical Twist stayed at home. Muscot has already been a busy boy winning in UK, Holland, Sweden , he is still young but first litters will soon be out. Sister has won well also , will be mated during 2012 .

Lynwood Kiss N Tell Coppers, has had two litters first to Coppers Bubble Power and we have seen the young C Plug N Play, C Wash n Go, C Wild n Willing and in Finland C Rock n Roll winning well. Co owned in Hungary with Laura Kolbach is C Wine N Roses already crowned HJCH and loads of titles.

2012 is coming up. I will continue and try to keep true to the type. My ideal setter is all about type. The British type! Beautiful heads, clean necks, top lines and beautiful croups. A well angulated front with a good sternum, well angulated  backend to be able to cover ground , a lashing tail correctly carried all this combined with raciness and a gleaming dark coat.
This is my aim I will keep on trying!
Camilla- 2012