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Sorry, haven't updated for ages, the loss of Muscot been hard and I just not been very active lately, thanks to all owners of Copper doggies for the fantastic work you are doing. Myself slowly recovering and becoming a bit more active again.

So here are news, I am sorry if I dont recall all of it.

Scottish Kennelclub  25/8 judge Ann Douthwaite 86 entries

1st in yearling Copper's Popsicle , thanks Kasia;=))
Limit 1st SH CH Copper´s Snowqueen and Marie!!

Welsh Kennelclub 19/8 judge Mrs D Fryer 115 entries

BOB CC nr 29 and GROUP 1st SHCH Copper´s War Of Roses , Blake you did it again!!!!!

Worldshow Amsterdam 3/8 judge 105 entries Mrs Susan Mahogony

Had a lovely but short couple of days off together with sister and niece doing the show, Amsterdam, we loved it all, show, people, canal tour countryside and will be back.Found Amsterdam relly dogfriendly, just had smiles all day!

First out little Magda/ Copper´s Winter Rose who enjoyed her first show BOB baby, didnt stay for finals

Copper´s Riddarsporre won open.

Frinan Entertaining Coppers 2nd in CH and Reserv Winner in the end. Big congrats to WW Kevin and Kasia!!! Think we might be sort of related;=))Happy happy!

National Gundog Association 5/8 judge males Mrs Sheila Tolladay BIS Mrs Pat Butler Holley

BOB and BIS!!! to King Arthur / SHCH Copper´s War Of Roses, I am absolutely thrilled for Arthur and Blake!!!!

Myself showing ..this time SKK INT STOKK Märsta 5/8 judge Dan Ericsson, Group Boris Spoljaric and BIS Dan Ericsson

BOB BOG and finally BIS 3 in pouring rain...Lovely day with doggies doing me proud, Copper´s Riddarsporre 2nd best dog his sister 2nd and 3rd best bitch. Also winning progeny and breeder but didn't bring them in as owners had problems staying till the bitter end.

Paignton &District 4/8 judge Don McCulloch

BOB CC to SH CH Riverbrue Gloriana , daughtyer to BOS CC SH CH Copper´s War Of Roses, what a day for father and daughter!!!!
RCC SHCH Copper´s Snowqueen!!

Leeds 28/7 judge Mrs Carolyn Hogsflesh

Crowning CC to Copper´s Snowqueen, fab day for Marie!!!! so happy for you!

This calls for celebrating next time I be over , SHCH nr11 bred or owned by me, big thanks to all that made it possible over the years!!!
Where would I be without all fantastic owners!!!

South Of England Irish Setterclub 14/7 judge dogs M Launchbury bitches A Watt 153 entries

RBIS CC to Copper´s Snowqueen and BIS to lovely Rivernrue Alchemist Amidst Kespas!!!

May Polen and Clubshow and INT SHOW judges Jane Mugford, Colin McKay and Ronnie Blomme

Copper´s team did certainly well, C Popsicle, C Magic Master, C SnowAngel, C Gypsy Rose all winning well and bringing home BOB breeder to me, thanks!! You are gold!!!

Belfast judge Lynn Muir

CC to Copper´s Snowqueen!!! and BOB to Gwendariff Whippersnapper, happy for you!!

Finland judge Diane Stewart Ritchie BOB and BOG to INT CH Copper´s The Magic Flute

Switzerland, CH Copper´s Snowdancer and Esther  continuis his winning ways!! Top Irish 2017 and full CH!!

At home we mainly spent this extreme hot summer  swimming or hiding in the shadow. The youngsters of the house are pleasing to my eye. Copper´s Crossing borders has moved to my dearest old kennel maid sort of 20 years ago, Mathilde..Måns needed someone with a bit more time than I had , but he will be out and about!!!

I enjoyed reading the Kennel Gazette, Beyound the Doghouse and Our Dogs.

Also hope to be back with more news soon!


Frontpage lovely Arthur, so extremely happy for Blake and Amelia and for myself making this a dream come through! Think he is the first overseas bred Irish ever to win BOB at Crufts

Gorgeous Neita/ CH Copper’s Wine ’N’Roses  decided to make  her last show special by winning BIS and BIS veteran at ISBC SH CH .Way to go Neita, Laura and Nati. She has fullfilled every dream you have had and more.
Thanks so much from me !!!

I got two newcomers in the house, couldnt resist taking Anna and Moltaz from the combination Copper’s Riddarsporre X Dubliner Vindruvan .Big thanks Ann and Benny !

28/4 SKK Västerås judge Fallon Clodagh Ireland.

BOB to Frinan Entertaining Coppers of course pleased with that but strange judging with a number of lovely ones having VG ( very good) for strange reasons…

Last day of April we said goodby to Ronnie, few days short of his 13 th birthday. All of a sudden tired, shaky on his legs and lost his will to go on. Sad day but he has been the happy  healthy boy all his life. Miss him , run free my love.He lives on by his lovely offspring.

Finally puppies on their way, it will be busy times but so welcome  little paws! For more information look under litters.

Sweden is cold and snowy and we love it!!

We had a nice day at SISK ( official huntingclub) judge Mr Fredrik Nordgren. Just one of my  dogs  entered but did come  home with BIS.

18/2 Midlands Irish Setter Society judges Mrs S ChorleyNewton dogs , Mrs C Butler Rubymoon bitches, entries 280.

SHCH Copper’s War Of Roses wins CC nr 25 with BIS!!!
Lovely wins for other Muscot offsprings as well, RBIS to Lynwood Happy As A Lark.

Last show of the year is Stockholm INT and this is the show you dont want to miss.

Mr Moray Armstron doing the brees and what a super day it  became!

BOB SEV-17 to SEV-16 DKJV-15 NORDJV-15 Frinan Entertaining Coppers now a fully mature boy.BOS to Caemgen Edge Of Glory

BOB Veteran adding SEVV-17 to all his titles and also 2nd best male to Copper’s Magiska Under!!

Copper’s Mandelblom won intermediat, Copper’s Roses All Over 2nd in open.

Then waiting for the group. Did not bring Muscot into veteran group as I had to concentrate on Mumrik. Rune Fagerström Finland judged the group and yes yes Mumrik showed like a dream and won, first time in 12 years Stockholm had an Irish Setter winning the group. Last time actually was my Light My Fire v h Adelaarsvaren, judged by Jill Holley and Valery Foss in the group.

BIS was fantastic , the music , the lights, and I actually enjoyed being in this spectacular main ring.
Not placed but think he did the breed proud.

In November I did a weekend trip to Edinburgh with my sisters. We loved the town, we walked Braidmount Hills overlooking Edinburgh to Arthurs Seat, walked the Royal mile, enjoyed the shopping and pubs, Marys King close.

Seing the reds have a blast was terrific, thanks Laura, Nat and Marie!!!

I also had the luck to see Gundog Breeds Of Scotland CHSH with Myra Thomas Rodhes doing the Irish.Arrived in time to see SHCH Copper’s War Of Roses win the CC nr 24 and later his daughter Riverbrue Gloriana winning her first CC!!! CH Copper’s Wine’N’Roses won BOB veteran and later BIS under Henric Fryckstrand, what a day!!!!







21/10 Young dogs day judge Malin Persson

BOB Junior to Gwendariffs Gift TomCopper BOS Copper’s Top Of The Pops

BOB intermediate Copper’s Riddarsporre BOS Copper’s Skogsstjärna

On the same day ISF Östergötland and judge Mr Brian Grace Ireland

Copper’s Riddarsporre wins Intermediate
Frinan Entertaining Coppers Best dog and BOS
Copper’s Magiska Under BOB senior
Copper’s Mandelblom  1st in intermediate and reserv best bitch
Copper’s Skogsstjärna 2nd in intermediate
Copper’s Sockerkringla 3rd best bitch with Premie
Copper’s Törnrosa best bitch and BOB!!!!!!!
BOB breeder


22/10 ISF Småland judge Mrs Frances McKimm Belgium

Copper’s Riddarsporre wins intermediate and Reserv best dog
Frinan Entertaining Coppers 3rd best dog
Copper’s Magiska Under 4 rth best dog best senior dog
Copper’s Mandelblom wins intermediate 3rd best bitch and Premie

Poznan day two judge Mr Frank Kane GB
Copper’s Popsicle BOB junior and Polish JW!!
BOB Cacib  Polish Winner Copper’s Gypsy Rose !! Well,done Kasia and Aga!

15/10 Jyväskylä INT judge Mr Ronny Blomme

BOB BIG 3 Copper’s The Magic Flute BOS Forfarian You Sexy Thing

30/9 Eckerö INT judge Mrs M Rainey Ireland

BOB BOG 3 Copper’s Rock ’N’ Roll !!!

At the end of September it was time for a Uk trip again. Kicki, Agneta and I  did bit of Yorkshire, Whitby, Cambridge and pubs, shopping and of course two CHSH Shows.

As always we felt warmly welcomond at the shows.

Driffield Mrs Jackie Willis
Copper’s Riddarsporre 2 nd in a strong juniorclass
Copper’s Mandelblom 1st in junior
RCC to Blake and Amelias ShCh Copper’s War Of Roses and his daughter Riverbrue Gloriana won also RCC , lovely result but VERY VERY muddy!!

From Driffield drive down to Stoneleigh and ISAE SHCH Show 238 entries
judges Mrs Phyllis Pollard dogs and Mrs Judi Frampton bitches. What a day we had, what a lovely well run show!!!

Copper’s Riddarsporre 2 nd in junior
SHCH Copper’s Magiska Under wins senior dog BOS veteran and RCC!!!!
CC BIS to fantastic son SHCH Copper’s War of Roses.
Just fantastic.During lunch break Muscot was also presented with the Danaway throphy second year running as top studdog.
Copper’s Mandelblom 2 nd in junior, mumCopper’s Roses All Over did her last show in England , at least for a while and didnt she do well gaining RCC!!!!
Thanks Blake and Amelia for loving and showing her!
CH Copper’s Win ’N’Roses won veteran and progeny with her lovely offspring mine and Lauras fab Pawsword litter.Then CC to lovely SHCH Aiobheanne Say No More JW…what a day for the family!!!
Thank you England , hope to be back soon!!!

Time to introduce Copper’s Crossing Borders from my latest litter.

18/9 Clubshow Krakow Polen judge Mrs Diane Stewart Ritchie Ireland

Raining cats and dogs but smiling faces, BOB to Copper’s Gypsy Rose!!!

9/9 Setter and Pointer Show Polen judge Mr Chris Atkinson UK
BOB junior and BOB!!! To Copper’s Popsicle, way to go young Percy!!!!

27/8 SKK Märsta judge Mr Rune Fageström Finland

Copper’s Riddarsporre 1st intermediate 2nd best dog
ShCh Copper’s Magiska Under BOB veteran Bob and BOG!!!
Copper’s Mandelblom 1st intermediate 2 nd best bitch
BOB Breedersgroup

19/8 Kuovala FKK judge M Ivaldi Italy
BOB BOG Copper’s The Magic Flute

Pillan and I made a little trip to Bornholm ,Denmark this lovely little island and two days showing at DKK INT Rönne.
Saturday Mr Jo Schepers NL

Frinan Entertaining Coppers 2nd best dog
Gwendariff Gift To Coppers first time out won junior and 2 nd best bitch

Sunday Mrs Diane Stewart Ritchie
Copper’s Riddarsporre wins junior and 2 nd best dog
Frinan Entertaining Coppers BOB BOG and his last Cacib for INT CH!!!
Copper’s Magical Twist wins veteran and 2 nd best bitch.
Big thank you to Madde for showing Mumrik to BOG whilst Pillan and I had to take the early ferry back.

30/7 Suonenjoki judge Mr Martin Johansson Sweden
BOB Copper’s Magic Stuff!!!!

Finally summer arrived , the houses been painted and babies born. Not many just 3 Musketeers and they gonna be very spoilt.

I havnt been to many shows as I been pretty busy doing other things but puppybuyers are doing me very very proud.
5/8 Paignton Mrs P Lucas/ Amberlight
A lucky show for Copper’ s during the years and also this year.
Copper’s Popsicle on UK holidays wins PD!
SH CH Copper’s War Of Roses CC nr22 and BOB!!!!!!

15/7 Oberwart Austria judge Dr J Pataki Hungary

Copper’s Snowdancer owned by Esther Siegrist won working CC CACIB and BOB!!!

8/7 CACIB Warsaw Polen judge S Jobse / Caemgen Sweden

JCC BOB Junior to Copper’ Popsicle and Kasia!

CIE CIB Copper’s Magic Glimmer wins CC and BOB Working and Bronka

9/7 Irish Setter Clubshow Warsaw judge Mss E Ciechonska / Aiobheanne  UK
BOB junior Junior CC Copper’s Popsicle
Openclass winner CC CIE Copper’s Magic Master
Working winner CC and 2 nd best bitch CIE CIB Copper’s Magic Glimmer

Well done to Dubliner Merlotta BOS, good day for the Swedes!


Sweden 8/7 SKK INT Tvååker judge Mr ar Blomme Belgium

Best entry of the year.

Copper’s Riddarsporre wins junior
Copper’s All Popped Out second in junior
Frinan Entertaining Coppers wins open and 3rd best dog
CIE Copper’s The Magic Flute wins Ch class and 2 nd best dog
GBSH CIE Copper’s Magiska Under wins veteran Best dog and finally BOB
Copper’s Mandelblom wins junior bitch and 4 rth best bitch
Copper’s Skogsstjärna second in junior
Coppers BOB breeder.

And sunny lovely day;-))

Same day in UK fab news from East Of England Agricultural Society SH CH

Judge Mr A Allen/Queensha

CC his 21 first and BOB to SHCH Copper’s War Of Roses BOG under Mr David Shields and on Sunday BIS reserv under Mrs E MacDonald!!! What a fantastic win!!!!Arthur, Amelia and Blake  well done!!!!

Finally puppies expected more information if you click on litters.

Bit of more news,SKK INT Norrköping5/6  Andrew Brace. Cacib to Frinan Entertaining Coppers and Frinan Evergreen Copper.

Following weekend 10/6 SKK Vänersborg Björge Espeland , Copper’s Mandelblom wins junior and 2nd best bitch, Frinan Evergreen Copper BOS and BOB BOG to Frinan Entertaining Coppers, nice sunny day  but no chance of being back for BIS the next day unfortenately.

11/6 SKK Leksand Petter Steen judging BOS to Copper’s It Was A Fine Affair!

News from Polen Kasia and Aga doing great. INT Lodz Bertil Lundgren. BOB BIS3 puppy to Copper’s Popsicle and BOB to INT CH Copper’s Gypsy Rose!!Popsicle has now won couple of BOB pup and BIS placings;-))Now into junior and just won his first Junior CC.

Great news from Finland and their Clubshow judged by Mrs Rose Hay / Cataluna who found her BIS in Copper’s Rock’N’Roll!!! Well done Maarit!

Austria Clubshow CC to Copper’s Snowdancer.

Now waiting for puppies, not much showing this summer, hope to make a UK trip later on , just home from a lovely holiday in Croatia topped by my sisters wedding , fab days!


Stopp press!!!!!! Arthur the one and only ,BOB Group3 CCnr20 at WELKS 29/4 under Mr D Shields Group Mr C Atkinson entry 214… what a team he is with Amelia, so very proud of you!!!

Home from a crazy trip to Bergen ,Norway.Stunning beautiful country but what a drive through tunnels, over mountins, in kolonn over totally no sight areas, fjords, sun, snow and rain.But we made it to Bergen a lovely town and had a lovely Saturday sightseing .

Sunday INT SH with Björge Espeland judging.Cacib BOB to Frinan Entertaining Coppers and BOS Cacic to,Copper’s Törnrosa, with this Cacib now INT CH! We didnt stay for the group with a 12 hour drive home in front of us.

8-9/4 Scotland saw fantastic results !

SHCH Copper’s War of Roses winning CC and BIS both days! Pat Butler Holley judging Irish Setter Club of Scotland and Chris Bexon Joint Irish Setterclub on Sunday.

Sister Akleja / Copper’s Roses All Over won RCC under Pat Butler Holley /Shandwick

Super well done to Blake and Amelia.

Copper’s Snowqueen and Marie also had lovely results!!  

Home at Coppers we still waiting for girls to come into season…Here’s a few shoots of the youngsters

Back home after a wonderfull time spent in England, loads of miles, boats,stops, friends, walks, drinks,laughters, meals, bathing dogs more laughs, sunshine, shopping…well a  normal trip again;-)) We just wanna come back straight on!!!

Crufts, a dream seing Laura win the bitch ticket with Neita/ CH Copper’s Wine ’ N ’ Roses, dreams come through sometime!!!

Immensely proud of my man Muscot/ ShCh Copper’s Magiska Under  back in UK and first time out in veteran winning this very strong  class

Muscots and Neitas kids did well in Open third for both ShCh Copper’s War Of Roses and sister Copper’s Törnrosa. Lovely to se winning Riverbrue pups.

Frinan Entertaining Coppers no placing this time but lovely comments.

Think all dogs enjoyed Crufts but prefered day after running their legs off and we enjoyed the walk as well. Few pictures from our lovely stay.


Lovely results from ISBC CH SHOW

SHCH Copper’s War of Roses RCC RBIS, his son Riverbrue Altissimo at Aoibheanne BOB puppy  and also big congrats to Muscot grandkid gaining his crown and BIS Gwendariff Nuts About Glenavna.


Back home in Sweden hoping spring will arrive, planning bit more trips and hoping  for girls to come into season….till next time Happy Easter!



Time to summon up yet another year.First of all the fantastic SHCH Copper’s War Of Roses finnishing the year as 2nd Top Gundog in UK!!!! 17 CC so far.So so proud and greatful to Blake and Amelia and Arthur of course!!!

Top Irish 2017 of course as well. Daddy , SHCH Copper’s Magiska Under,  from very limeted showing, again Top Showdog 2016 and Top ISF Irish 2016. Not bad, not bad att all;-))

Top youngster 2016 are my Frinan boy and girl,really pleased with that !

And another one doing fine was Copper’s Pop The Bubble.

Last show of the year was Stockholm INT and Swedish Winner title, judge Mr F Bertchold Austria.

First time into Open for young Mumrik/ Frinan Entertaining Coppers going all the way to BOB and SV-16 title.

And another lovely news arrived, PCH PLJCH and now also CIE Copper’s Gypsy Rose winning his last Cacib under P. Hollings, super Aga and Muffins!

Finally , welcome little Gwendariff Gift to Coppers  from Ireland, joining the rest of the youngsters in the house, many, monsters but great fun!

Lots of updating to do , life busy at the moment with a new litter and a house going trough a total face lift. .Anyway a lovely bunch born 15/9 , 7 boys 2 girls, more info under litters.

Show news,, firstly SHCH Copper’s War And Roses been busy again, now up to 16 CC BOG at Darlington judge P Stockton  and BOG 3 at Birminghamjudge R Bott.. What a dog , what a team!

Halfsister Copper’s Magic Puzzle won Cacib BOB BOG  judge D Ritchie Stewart/ Gwendariff  and BIS4/ R Hjort at FKK INT Eckerö Åland, hurray to Kickie and Socks!!!

Sweden has had ISF Young dogs day 8/10 with Sussie Larsson/ Eel Garden judging.

Good results for the babies  Copper’s Riddarsporre and Copper’s Mandelblom and sister Copper’s Skogstjärna all from the litter by Frinan Entertaining Coppers x Copper’s Roses All Over.

BOB/ BOS minor puppy and finally  Reserv Best  bitch to C Skogstjärna! Sister C Mandelblom 2 nd minor bitch.

R Best dog to C Riddarsporre!
Frinan Entertaining Coppers BOB Intermediate II
Best stud dog shared between Frinan Entertaining Coppers and Copper’s Pop The Bubble and Best young litter to Copper’s.

SKK INT Askersund 15/8  judge R Hubenthal

Cacib BOS Frinan Entertaining Coppers, RCacib Copper’s Snowgrouse
RCacib also to Copper’s Törnrosa.

August 27-28/8  Double ISF Shows at Västerås

Saturday Claire Prangle/ Heathclare

Pawsword Paper Tiger BIS puppy
Copper’s Magical Mystery Tour BOS
BOB veteran and 3rd best dog to Copper’s Bubblande Glad who enjoyed days out!
BOS senior Copper’s Pop The Bubble
BOB Senior and 3 rd best bitch to Copper’s Classic Bubble
Frinan Evergreen Copper best intermediate reserv best bitch and reserv Premie
Copper’s Magical Bubble wins progeny and Copper’s BOB breeder


Sunday Emese Boros/ Berboss

 Pawsword Paper Tiger again BIS puppy
Frinan Entertaining Coppers wins intermediate
Copper’s Run For The Roses wins Ope I and 4 th best dog with Reseve Premie
Copper’s Wash N Go wins Open II and premie, his last! And 2 nd best dog.
Copper’s Pop The Bubble BOB senior and 3 rd best dog
And Best Dog Copper’s Magiska Under!
BOB veteran Copper’s Bubblande Glad.

Frinan Evergreen Copper wins intermediate again
And Copper’s Törnrosa Best bitch and BOB!!!!
BOB Breeder
What alovely weekend we had!!

I also managed a short but lovely trip to UK, met friends, sunny days and off to Paignton to enjoy Arthur winning BOB under Viv Wamplev/ Erinade, also had the pleasure of showing Evas Aiobheanne Say No More to CC and BOS.  As always sunshine!!!

Ending this update with some recent pictures of Pop The Bubble sire of the last litter and my Finnish duo and the  babies.


Time for an update again.
This time three intens days of showing starting south of Sweden at SKK INT 8/9 Tvååker judge Mr Rui Oliviera.

Good day and sunshine. BOB Cacib Copper’s Magiska Under later Group 2 nd under Arne Foss Frinan Entertaing Coppers wins intermediate, Copper’s Run For The Roses wins open and Rcacib 3 rd best dog.
Frinan Evergreen Copper 2nd intermediate and 3 rd best bitch and finally Copper’s Törnrosa BOS!!!

SKK Tvååker Nat 9/7 judge Mrs Annika Ultweit Moe

Same place same lovely weather and good results.Frinan Entertaning Coppers wins intermediate, Copper’s Run For The Roses wins open and 2 nd best dog, Copper’s Magiska Under 3 rd best dog.

And little Frinan Evegreen Copper wins intemediate and best bitch BOS with Copper’s Törnrosa 2 nd best bitch.

From the south we headed north for a 8 hour drive up to SKK Alfta INT and Mrs Ricky Loch Romans judged.
Again a showground we love, sunny and lovely.

Copper’s Magiska Under now 7 years old still does his stuff, BOB and BOG!!!
Copper’s Run For The Roses wins open and 4rth best dog
Frinan Entertaing Coppers wins intermediate and 3 rd best dog Rcacib

 Copper’s It Was A Fine Affair wins junior and 4rth best bitch

Copper’s Discobubble BOB veteran and 3 rd best bitch
Copper’s Magical Twist 2nd best bitch

BOB breeder

Same day good news from England and East Of England Agricultural Society judge Mrs Diane Stewart Ritche

CC BOB BOG 4 to Arthur / SHCH Copper’s War Of Roses , so well done Blake and Amelia!!!

3/7 ISF Sweden Judge Mrs Marita Bott / Bardonhill

What a lovely day we had. Little Albert who artived two days earlier from co owners Blake and Amelia bred by Laura Kolbach enjoyed his first show and went BIS puppy!

Frinan Entertaing Coppers won Intermediate
Copper’s Run For The Roses won open I and 3 rd best dog with R Premie
Copper’s Wash N Go wins open II and 5 th best dog
Copper’s Pop The Bubble wins senior BIS senior Premie and 2 nd best dog
Copper’s Magiska Under wins Premieclass and best dog BOS!!!


Frinan Evergreen Copper wins intermediate
Copper’s Bubbleribubblera wins senior and 5 th best nitch
Copper’s Törnrosa wins Premieclass best Bitch and BIS!!!!

BOB breeder, what a day!!!

26/6 Setterclubshow Kerhrsatz Switzerland judge Bernd Gunbel Germany

CC BOB BIS Copper’s Boy With A Bubble owner Suzanne Peret
RCC Copper’s Snowdancer owner Esther Siegfrist

And at home we can introduce you to the young ones,,Copper’s Riddarsporre/Gilbert,, Copper’s Mandelblom/ Garbo the ones out of Frinan Entertaining Coppers and Copper’s Roses All Over and Pawsword Paper Tiger / Albert ( Kerryfair Snowfox x Copper’s Wine N Roses).

Hopefully a new litter late September, have a look under litters,fingers  crossed!

Over the moon and bursting of joy and pride , SHCH Copper’s War Of Roses fantastic win at Southern Counties !!! His fab handler and owners Amelia and Blake making it all happen, boy in tip top condition writes history by as far as I know the first overseas bred Irish to win a RBIS, if wrong please correct me. His critics...

G1 was Sh Ch Copper’s War Of Roses, Irish Setter, this is an exceptionally good, relatively young male at just over 3 years, racy yet with a touch of elegance & added glamour. With a very balanced outline everything blending together so well, he just stood out in the group. He exhibits good breed type, has a super balance to head, longish & lean with good work, good planes, decent stop, expressive eyes & good earset, fairly good reach of neck, strong gentle slope to topline, excellent construction fore and aft, very good body shape & superb presentation & excellent coat condition. On the move he delivers a sound ground covering gait, with very good forward reach. He was expertly handled to RBIS.

Bis judge: RBIS went to the Irish Setter, Sh Ch Copper’s War Of Roses, another male who is balanced & full of quality, racy in outline with topline straight from withers gently sloping downwards, deep chest with ribs well sprung, good lay of shoulder & well bent stifle, lovely sheen to his chestnut coat, free flowing mover presented to advantage.
Breed O
D (4) 1 Crocker & Siddle’s Sh Ch Copper’s War Of Roses, masculine refined head with dark eye, lovely front assembly with depth of forechest which so many lacked. Compact well ribbed body with strong hindquarters which he uses on the move covering the ground with ease. Presented a flowing clean outline & shown in excellent coat & condition. Pleased to award him CC, BOB & congratulations on G1 & RBIS


Sorry for being lazy updating just been busy with the latest  puppies now five weeks old and at the same time having my house totally  in kaos with carpenters  fixing a new kitchen and lots of other stuff.

Anyway love my babies and also lookin forward to have Pawsword Paper Tiger arriving not to far away in time.

Poland  Setter and Pointer Clubshow 5/6 judge Mr W Burski

BOB Clubwinner 2016 BIS-III to
PL CH Copper’s Gypsy Rose

Irish Setter Club Sweden  Setter &Pointershow Norrköping 5/6  judge Mr B Blidh von Schedvin
BOB BIS !!! SEJV14 Copper’s Snowgrouse and Meadway Morag wins intermediate and 4th best bitch

SKK Norrköping 4/6  judge M Kippinä Finland
Frinan Entertaining Coppers won intermediate and 4 th best dog

ISF Säter 15/5 judge Mrs B Cobbenhaegen Holland

Lovely venue weather nice  , love the Clubshows.Good day out,
Frinan Entertaining Coppers wins intermediate
Copper’s Pop The Bubble Open II reservpremie and 3 rd best dog
Copper’s Magiska Under wins premieclass and 2 nd best dog
Frinan Evergreen Copper wins intermediate and 3 rd best bitch Reserv premie

SKK Lidköping 8/5 judge Mrs S Sandö Norway
BOS CACIB to  NORDV-15 Copper’s Törnrosa

Dortmund 7/5 Eurosieger  Int show judge Mr M Falsey Ireland
Eurosieger 2016 BOS
  to PL CH CIE Copper’s Magic Master , well done Alek;-)))
Eurosiger veteran to VDH V CH
 Copper’s Art Of Bubbles , congrats  Pia and Benny!!!

Sorry for all I missed in this update!!!

Time for an update!!

2016 03 26 Irish Setter Breeders Club Ch Show judges Joan Northend and Mona HunterBIS CC to
Blake and Amelias King Arthur/ SHCH Copper's War Of Roses!!!!!

RCC to half brother SHCH Gwendariff Whippersnapper, let's say Muscot is one proud Daddy;=))


Sweden SKK INT Malmö judge Martin Johansson 2016 03 20 Good day for the boys! Frinan Entertaining Coppers wins intermediate Cacib BOB and later BOG-3 well done for such a young boy Copper's Snowgrouse RCacib 2nd best dog Copper's Mandelkubb 3rd best dog Copper's Run For The Roses 4rth best dog NORDV15 Copper's Törnrosa RCacib 2nd best bitch and together with the boys best breeders group later BIS-2

2016 03 12 Moscow SAetter speciality judge Diane Stewart Ritche / Gwendariff
BIS veteran BOB BIS and BIS progeny to RUCH Copper's Christal Bubble!!!

Well done Irina and Businka

2016 02 25 Sweden SISK ( Irish Setter Club hunting) Setter and Pointer Show judge Hans Rosenberg

BOB BIS 23 SEJV14 Copper's Snowgrouse

DKJV15 NORDJV 15 Frinan Entertaining Coppers 3rd best male

Copper's Pratbubbla 4rth best male best veteran male

BIS breedersgroup

Now soon off to UK for  holidays, Scotland, Lake District, dog show, friends and  fun!

And picking up sweet Rags , she be coming along for a while to Sweden;=))

Manchester CH SH Show 2016 judge Anne Douthwait 243 entries!!! BOB BOS Ch Copper's Wine 'N 'Roses and SHCH Copper's War Of Roses, well well done Laura ,Nat, Blake and Amelia!!!

But time to summon up Sweden 2015

 Last show of the year Nordic Winner 15 judge John Thirwell UK DKJV-15 Frinan Entertaining Coppers now also NORJV-15 Copper's Magiska Under did magic again BOB and later BOG 2 under Charlotte Jacobsson, beautifully handled in main ring by Beagle Madde, thanks!

2nd best dog Copper's Pop The Bubble
3rd Copper's Magical Mystery Tour

Girls did well..

Copper's Törnrosa BOS
Copper's Magical Bubble 2nd  best bitch BOB veteran won progeny and with her kids later BOG-4, it was her last show , now gonna be retired.
3rd best bitch Copper's Roses All Over
4rth best bitch Copper's Sockerkringla
Copper's Magical Twist won CH class and we ended the day with a BOB breeders group.

Lets sum up 2015 Top Irish

Big congratulations to all!!

On top the youngsters had a terrific year with SEJV-14 Copper's Snowgrouse Top youngster 2015 and little man DKJV-15 NORJV-15 Frinan Entertaining Coppers 3rd from half a years showing(puppy wins doesn't count).And Top winning veteran 2015 to Copper's Magical Bubble;=))

Copper's Magiska Under Top Stud dog Our Dogs competition!
We are very proud and happy of his top winning offspring and wish them best of luck in 2016!

With two new UK SH CH the total number bred or owned by Coppers is now 10, a little record for  Swedish bred dogs I think...

The two latest SHCH Copper's War Of Roses  and CH Copper's Wine 'N' Roses  started out well winning the CC:s  at Boston under Eva Ciechonska, what a start of 2016!

Proud to say that Coppers dogs and their offspring  won well all over Europe , we at home are thrilled and very grateful to owners !!

2016 will hopefully be trips, puppies and fun, I will be back with information ,now lets enjoy winter!

Setter & Pointer judge Mrs J Mugford / Lynwood 280 entries!!

Well done Coppers!!Thanks Laura , Blake and Amelia;=))
RCC SHCH Copper's War Of Roses
CC BOS CH Copper's Wine 'N' Roses

 November 1st Herning Denmark INT  judge Mr Ralph Dunne Ireland

BOB BOG 2 DK Winner Copper's Magiska Under
2nd Best dog DK Juniorwinner Frinan Entertaining Coppers
3rd RCacib Copper's Run For The Roses
 3rd best bitch Copper's Törnrosa


ISF (Irish Setter Ass Sweden) Top list of the year 2015 Copper's Magiska Under  and his daughter Copper's Törnrosa on top spot! Big congrats to all owners , you are fantastic!!



South Wales Kennel Association 11/10
 Judge Mr Keith Lewis CC BOS to Copper's War Of Roses !

Eckerö INT  28/9 Åland judge Mr Henric Fryckstrand BOB BOG  Copper's Magiska Under
2Best dog Frinan Entertaining Coppers
4Best dog Copper's Rock N Roll BOB veteran
Copper's Bubble Power 2Best bitch RCacib
Copper's Törnrosa 3Best bitch
Copper's Magic Puzzle

Breeders group BIG 2 under Mr Dan Ericsson



Irish Setter Association Herrfallet 5-6/9 2015

One of my faverouite  show spots in Sweden, this time late in the year and an outdoor show and we were promised rain, very lucky just had thunder and lightning during the night, damp mornings but stayed dry;=))

Saturday Kasia Czapla Diervilla Polen entry 86 good one for Sweden
First out Frinan Entertaining Coppers winning a good junior class.

SEJV-14 Copper's Snowgrouse wins intermediate .
Open I 2nd Copper's Run For The Roses
OpenII Copper's Mandelkubb 1st,  Premie , his third and 2nd best dog.

Copper's Pop The Bubble 2nd , 3rd best dog and Reserv Premie  
Copper's Wash 'N' go 3rd in Open  Premieclass 1st and
Best dog and BOB Copper's Magiska Under

After lunch time for girlies

Frinan Evergreen Copper  wins junior;=))
Sister Copper's Törnrosa and Copper's Roses All Over 1st and 2nd in Open I, later Törnrosa 2nd best bitch with Premie!!

Open II saw Copper's Sockerkringla win and later 3rd best bitch and reserv Premie.

Copper's Magical Bubble wins seniorclass , BOB senior, best bitch and BOS and BOB progeny!!
What a day!!

Sunday and Mrs Viveca Vamplew judging an entry of 85, yet another good day;=))
Frinan Entertaining Coppers and Copper's Snowgrouse repeated  their wins.
Open I 1st to Copper's run For The Roses later 5th best dog
Open II won by Copper's Pop The Bubble Premie and later Best Dog and BOS!!!!
Way to go Gibson and Malin;=))
Copper's Wash 'N'Go 2nd in Open II
and 4th best dog Copper's Magiska Under 1st in Premieclass
2nd best dog Copper's Mandelkubb 2nd Premieclass 3rd best dog

And girlies..
Frinan Evergreen Copper 3rd in junior
Sisters again 1st and 2nd in Open I later Copper's Törnrosa best bitch Premie and BOB!!!!
with this now in Premieclass at 2 172, not bad for a little girl who made her show debut in April;=))
Lena and Torbjörn proud and happy owners!!
Copper's Roses All Over 3rd best bitch with reserv premie, not bad;=))
Copper's Sockerkringla 2nd in Open II and 5th best bitch.
Copper's Magical Bubble BOB senior and BOB progeny.
Coppers BOB breeders both days. for full results go to and also more
picture in the Gallery under ISF Herrfallet 2015

What else of news, Copper's Snowgrouse have got his own page under dogs.
Copper's Roses All Over is in whelp and we are more than happy.

Paignton 1/8 2015 judge Mr Brian Grace 158 entries Sorry, been a lazy girl not updating!
But the biggest and best news is of course that Neita and Laura managed the title GBCH Copper's Wine'N' Roses!!!!
Fantastic , we are so happy and proud of you!
This also meant SHCH NR 10 for Coppers and yes bragging a bit as being a small kennel not breeding much and not living in UK I might just say I am pleased;=))
There will be celebration coming on!

RCC SHCH Copper's War Of roses, what a day!

A week later time for Bournemouth Canine Association 8/8 2015 judge Mrs Brenda Berry 166 entries.
Time for CC and BOB for SHCH Copper's War Of Roses and happy owners Blake and Amelia;=))

Finland Joensuu back to back shows Mr m Armstrong and Mrs P Hollings.
CIE Copper's Bubble Story Best veteran both days and BOS day two. Clever girl back from her last litter.

And more Finland Seinäjoki judge Mrs E Nummi BOS to Copper's Magic Stuff.

 In Sweden sister CIE GBSHCH JWW08 Copper's Magical Bubble won BOB veteran under Mr Leposaar from Estonia at SKK Eskilstuna, GBSH CIE SEV-13, 14, 15 Copper's Magiska Under third best male and Frinan Entertaining Coppers won juniorclass.

A week later  22/8 SKK Backamo judge Mr Nils Mohlin Sweden .A lovely warm sunny day, long drive but well worth it.
Copper's Magiska Under BOB BOG  no chance of going back the day after for BIS unfortunately but thats life.
2nd best dog Copper's Pop The Bubble and winning junior and 4th best male Frinan Entertaining Coppers, no girls entered.

And we are hoping for little paws  later on, Copper's Roses All Over has been mated to Dubliner Georgio Armani, check out Litters

Time for a lovely weekend with best friends, besides to ittle sleep, to much food and wine, chanterelle hunting we managed a super day at SKK Köping under Mr Ralph Dunne Ireland I had a lazy day just using Blake and Amelia to handle doggies, lovely and restful;=))

First out Copper's It Was A Fine Affair winning best Puppy bitch

Frinan Entertaining Coppers 1st in junior and 3rd best dog!

Copper's Run For The Roses wins open and 2nd best dog with RCACIB!

Best dog from CH class to Copper's Magiska Under and the 3 veteran brothers all got CK , Copper's Art Of bubbles also 4th best dog, Copper's Pratbubbla 2nd and Copper's Legend Of bubbles 3rd.

Junior bitches won by Frinan Entertaining Coppers
Open CACIB and BOS to Copper's Törnrosa, father and daughter BOB /BOS ;=))

Copper's Roses All Over in bikini 3rd in open and veteran winner and 2nd best bitch to Copper's Magical Bubble, and yes we did win the breeders group as well.
Later Muscot won his 3rd Gundog group of the year!
Lets say it was a happy gang going home to celebrate.

SKK INT Ransäter judge Mr Vitor Vega Portugal 2015 07 25
Well done to the Coppers showing.

Copper's Legend Of bubbles 3rd best dog BOB veteran Copper's magic Touch RCACIB 2nd best bitch and Copper's Secrte Bubble 3rd best bitch.

ISF Eksjö 28/6  judge Mr Gus Hendrix Belgium Lovely day, good weather good results.

Frinan Entertaining Coppers 1st in junior

Copper's Snowgrouse 2nd intermediate

Copper's Run For The Roses 1st Open II Premie and 3rd best male

Copper's Wash N Go 1st Open II Reservpremie and 4rth best male

Copper's magical Mysteri Tour 1st Premie class Best male

Copper's Magiska under 2nd Premie class 2nd best male.

The four boys won the breeders class and Muscot won progeny. Just two girls entered.
Copper's Törnrosa 3rd in Open and sister Copper's Roses All Over 4rth.

Blackpool 27/6 judge Mr P Upton
163 entries RCC to SHCH Coppewr's War Of Roses and little Muscot daughter Meadway Morag won BPIB and group 2!!!
Well done Blake and Amelia!
Photos by C Wilson and G Sloane.

It actually did happen!!!Copper's Magiska Under, BOB BIG and BIS at Swedish Kennelclub CH SH Avesta 14 th of June.
Breed judge Mr Vidar Grundetjern Norway, Group Mr Rune Fagerström Finland and BIS Mrs Joyce O'Connor Ireland.

Unfortunately reports are saying the judging of Irish was not acceptable, very sad at such a big and expensive show
The two Copper's entered did well anyway
RCACIB to Copper's Magic Master and WVW 15 to Copper's Christal Bubble well done Alek and Irina!!!

Southern Counties UK  7/6 judge Becky Box Copper's War Of Roses wins his third CC and BOB  BOG 4 under Ron James!!!!!!
The young boy is now a SHCH!!!!
Celebration coming on Blake and Amelia;=))

Nitra 6-7/6 Slovakia
day 1 judge Henric Fryckstrand CAC and BOS to CIE CIB Copper's Magic Glimmer
day 2 judge Rui Oliviera CACIB and Crufts qulified Copper's Magic Glimmer!
Well done Bronka!!

Finnish Clubshow 6/6 
judge Mr Jim Cuddy UK
BOS Copper' Rock N Roll Best veteran male and 3rd best dog CIE Copper's Bubble Power

And now all we want to say is Happy Midsummer!!!

Update time again, show season started but where is the warmth??
Start with Sweden and weekend of 23-24th of May.

 VJU day (Swedish Piet Rooks day) 59 entries under Mrs Sinnika Thåg  Danamoor I just love this day and weather cold , windy but sunny and lovely young ones stepping out.

First out in Minor pup was Pillans, Copper's It Was A Fine Affair 2nd in the lovely class.

Best male puppy Frinans entertaining Coppers, Best bitch puppy and BOB puppy Frinan Evergreen Copper.
The boy / Mumrik later reserv best dog of the day!!!
Meadway Mingla 2nd best bitch puppy;=))

Copper's Snowgrouse second in a strong intermediate 15-24 months

Intermediate II 24-30 months and Copper's Törnrosa won and later RBIS!!!!

We where a happy bunch that evening, the happiest Törnrosas mummy;=))

Day two, back to the lovely showground today ISF Special judge Mrs Phylis Pollard / Grayridge

Copper's It Was A fine Affair best minor puppy bitch.

Frinan Entertaining Coppers BIS puppy

Copper's Snowgrouse wins intermediate

Open I ( 2-4 years) won by Copper's Run For The Roses later 4th best male and reserv Premie

Open II (4-8 years) won by Copper's Wash 'N' Go Premie and 2nd best male

Premieclass , and Best male Copper's Magiska under 2nd to him and 3rd best male Copper's Magical Mysteri Tour Seniorclass  Copper's Pratbubbla first 2nd Copper's Art Of  Bubbles
Some shoots of the lovely boys.  

Over to girlies
Open bitches Copper's Roses All Over won , second to her sister Copper's Törnrosa and Premie and reservpremie, beaten for best bitch by Copper's Magical Bubble from seniorclass BOB BOB senior and best progeny, way to go Tosca;=))
To top the day BOB breeder;=))

Same day fantastic news from UK Bath SHCH SHOW judge Mrs Penny Pallister
Copper's War Of Roses wins 2nd CC!! And Meadway Morag BPIB,both by Muscot and  owned by Blake and Amelia, way to go!!!

17/5 SKK INT Hässleholm judge Mr Frank Kane,  UK
A good 5 hours drive and storm and rain but later sunshine.

Frinan Entertaining Coppers BOB puppy;=))
Copper's Magiska Under had a truly magic day, BOB BOG and BIS 4 !!
Big thank you to my runners Eva and Pia!!
Copper's Art of Bubbles best veteran dog, EX to Copper's sense of snow, Copper's Sockerkringla 3rd in open, Copper's Törnrosa  and Copper's Legend of bubbles also EX.
 Best breeders group!

10/5 Setterderby Austria judge Mr David Bell / Balintyne Uk
CIE Copper's Magic Master Open 1 CAC
CIE CIB Copper's Magic Glimmer working 1 CAC
Copper's Snowkiddin intermediate 1CAC
Copper's Crackling Rose open 1CAC

9/5 czech Republic Clubshow
Clubmaster to Copper's Magic Master
Fantastic weekend Aga and Ola;=))
Bit of pictures from the weekend.

23/5 Serbia and more news from Bronka , Copper's magic Glimmer BOS CACIB, Copper's Snowkiddin RCACIB!

Last but fantastic news, Copper's Gypsy Rose now Polish CH!!!!
Wel done Aga and Muffin!!!

Plenty of more pictures in the gallery, look for Shows/Utställningar 2015

May has arrived but still really cold, we are waiting for spring to arrive! front cover this time stunning Arthur by clever Chris Wilson.

I was soo looking forward to puppies but unfortunately nothing arrived, Akleja is on a diet and will just have to get back into show shape;=))

Havnt been showing myself due to the loss of my mum and lack of time and no will to go really.

But nice results keep coming anyway;=))

Western Australia 5/5 judge Claire Prangle UK , saw the AI son of Copper's Pratbubbla, namely Amhurst Without A Doubt go BIS , we are very happy this side.

Setter & Pointer Club Ceskeho  5/5
 Copper's Snowkiddin  CAC , well done with that and lovely Zaki going BOB Bronka;=))

SetterShow Russia 25/4  judge Tina Illuka Finland
 BOB BOB veteran BIS 2 and BIS progeny to 8 year old R CH Copper's Christal Bubble, well done Businka and Irina;=))

SKK Västerås 25/5  judge Siv Sandö Norway
Only Copper entered was Copper's Sockerkringla and she did really well BOB BIG 2 !!
Well done Kringlan and Madde!

Danish Kennelklubb 25/5 Roskilde INT
Copper's It's Got To Happen , Baby BOB , well done Camilla and Nana!

Thats the news, now longing for the outdoor season to come along.


I spent some lovely days round my 60 birthday in Ireland a country I love to go back to.
While having fun there Coppers doggies did me proud at SKK Malmö by going BIS 4 with the breeders group, well done friends and thank you for staying and bringing them in!

A week later and with an Irish flu in my body it was time for Swedish Winner 2015 with Mr Frank Whyte judging a good quality entry of 59 Irish.My Muscot/ SEW13,14,15 GBSHCH CIE Copper's Magiska Under  won the title third year running, magic boy, beaten for BOB this year as his poor mum, that be me ,just couldn't run anymore.
Copper's Snowgrouse won the big juniorclass. And first time out ever and in open was yet another from the Rose litter , Copper's Törnrosa and 2nd  and CK so very pleasing results. Breeders group won in good competition in the breed and late BIS 4in the main ring, good day;=)) and by the way, flu hasn't left a week later

Lovely news from Wasa INT Finland judge Mr H Rosenberg,  Cacib to Copper's Magic Stuff, well  done!!  

On the sad part I and my sisters lost our mum just after Easter ,92 years old and  very quickly but very sad.
She was a special lady.


Crufts 2015

 Due to my litter at home this was a year without Crufts for me, but I was there mentally!
And good news kept coming!
Yearling dogs and bitches was won by siblings PLJCH Copper's Gypsy Rose and Copper's Comin Up Roses for Gwendariff!
Open bitch was won by SHCH Copper's Bubble Of Joy and later RCC!!!!!
Special working 1st and 2nd to half sisters SGWC HJCH Copper's Wine n Roses and CIB CIE Copper's Magic Glimmer .
Fantastic so happy for you all and so well done , Laura, Silke, Bronka, Aga Alec, Danielle and Diane!

ISF Sweden Show 2015 02 14 judge Mrs Pat ricia Rutherford / Clonageera

A good day and a well run show.

Great day out, first time to Frinan Entertaining Coppers BOB minor Puppy and later BIS puppy, sister Frinan Evergreen Copper BOS . Junior  saw SEJV-14 Copper's Snowgrouse win  males and sister SEJV-14 Copper's Sense Of Snow do the same in bitches.

Copper's Pop The Bubble 3rd best dog with Premie and Copper's Mandelkubb 4th best dog with reservPremie.

Copper's Magiska Under 2nd best dog.
Copper´s Sockerkringla 5th best bitch , best breeder Coppers, best progeny Copper's Magical Bubble, a good day;=))
Tack allihopa för en bra och rolig dag!

Austria, Copper's Snowdancer is now JCH!!Well done Esther!

Spring at Copper's is pretty busy, the latest litter  Zaki X Fläder has moved out and we wish them best of luck!

Here at home the house is still pretty busy with 4 puppies  making me laugh and driving me they are Frinan Entertaining Coppers, Frinan Evergreen Copper, Meadway Mingles and Gwendariff We'll Remember U.

And in another month we hope for tidily feet again...more info under puppies


About time I updated!

10 lovely puppies has arrived, they got their own gallery named
Berlin puppies


Sorry being lazy updating, lots has happend both  fun things but also sad.
Lets start with the good news.

Last show of the year Swedish Winner 2014 Stockholm judge Mr Richard Bott kennel Queensha UK and this year's best entry in reds 88 and also largest breed on the day.
Good friends from England  over the weekend and it was lovely.

We had a super day Junior dogs and SEJV-14 to Copper's Snowgrouse aka Henning who had a fabulous year  from puppy and now this way of first outing in junior.
Copper's Magiska Under added another winner title  to his name and BOB .

SVJV-14 to Copper's Sense Of Snow owned by happy Madde.

Copper's Roses All Over won intermediate

Open class and BOS to SV-14 Copper's Såpbubbla

At the same time in England LKA with Mrs Gillian Townsend judging an entry of 165 Fantastic news learning that Muscots sons wins CC and RCC!!

CC from yearling to Copper's War Of Roses and RCC to GBSHCH Gwendariff Whippersnapper!!

And HJCH Copper's Wine N Roses wins RCC ;=))

Lets say we had some celebration going on later in the evening!

The weekend before Stockholm I took the trip over to Helsinki saw the Finnish winner show but most of all saw my new puppies.
Just had pictures so far but wow was I happy to grab them;=))
18 hours later with two puppies on a big boat I was happily home and here they are;

Frinan Entertaining Coppers and Frinan Evergreen Copper
( Anlory Keltic Blue Sky JW X CIE Copper's Bubble Story)
Eija I am ever so grateful , thank you!!!

Somehow these two little ones made me keep on going and now over to sad news.

 My most loved girl Bubbles  has been lost for a month, she must have escaped from the garden on the last wee wee in the evening, never ever in her life done this before, and she never came back. I spent  days and nights searching for her but nothing and now so long has past so just have to accept the fact. To all friends who helped me through this time , thank you, I miss her  badly will never ever have another one like her.
At least we had a last weekend together as she came with me  on the trip to Berlin when I mated her granddaughter.

Bubbles loved me and cars.

But sadness is also from loosing my one and only Flower girl, Blomman, in just two weeks time from being shown in September till having to say goodbye due to a very sick girl from tick diseases.
Everyone who met her knows how you just couldn't resist her and  I loved her so very very much.
The picture is from September  where they both had a marvelous day at the show under Mr Jean Streuf de Groof.

You could think this been enough but we also had to say goodbye to young Adel living with my dear friend Pillan, aggressive bonecancer ended her happy young life.

But we have to look forward, new puppies on the way, the Berlin trip  has made Fläder / Copper's Magical Twist  very much in whelp.

My dearest Muscot is back home and makes me smile a lot.

He is the proud sire of Top Irish 2014 in UK,SHCH  Gwendariff Whippersnapper, way to go Diane Alec and Danielle!!! I know Blake and Amelia misses Muscot but are being busy with his babies.

Thanks a lot for all you done! Wishing all his young ones in UK best of luck 2015!

Loads of good results, I'm sorry I cannot remember all and will miss out on some, sorry.
The Snowkids are doing great , Snowdancer , Snowkiddin and Snowangel are winning well  in Europe!

More CIE Champions this year, CIE Copper's The Magic Flute ,CIE Copper's Magic Master ' CIE Copper's Magic Glimmer and Copper's Magical Twist( still awaiting the certificat)  

But now, have a very Merry Christmas and looking forward to 2015!

Frontpage this time lovely Neita/ HJCH Copper's Wine ´N´Roses and happy owner Laura;=))
Winning her second CC under Mr Peter Hall at ISAE with a great entry of 238 dogs.

We soon meet again to celebrate, me going over to pick up Muscot soon.

Here at home we have had Breedsoecial with ISF Säter judge by Mr Jean Struyf de Groof / Lordly judging.
We had a super day, nice venue, good weather and some super results.
Winner of Intermediate and later on Premie and third best dog to Copper's Run For The Roses. Old boy Copper's Pratbubbla won senior and forth best dog!!

Girlies made us proud as well, Copper's Roses All Over wins Intermediate, Copper's Sockerkringla wins Open, Copper's Bubbleribubblera second in open II , RPremie and R best bitch, Copper's Magical Bubble wins Premieclass with Copper's Under My Umbrella second in Premie third best bitch, and Copper's Magical Twist forth and finally Grand Old Lady Bubbles/ Balintyne Coppers Home N Dry winning veteran and finishing second best bitch to daughter Magical Bubble.

Tosca later on went BOB, her third in a row at ISF making her fourth time in a row Top Winning at ISF Shows!!!

Sure thing Bubbles won progeny and Coppers breeders group.

Same day in England RCC to Muscot/ Copper's Magiska Under under Mr Ken Stockton.

Swedish Kennelclub INT Gimo judge mrs Leen Van Genechten saw Copper's Såpbubbla with CACIB and BOS;=))

In Poland Wroclaw INT CACIB to Copper's Gypsy Rose ;=))

More news from abroad, this time Baden Setterderby , judge Mrs Tania Gardner UK Copper's Magic Glimmer  who recently managed her Fieldtrial, very proud of that clever girl!!!, went BOS, BIS puppy to Copper's Snowkiddin!!

Me and friends did our yearly trip to Åland for  a nice break and a bit of showing.

Lovely weather, good crossings and nice show as always well organized , this year's judge for the reds was Mr Attila Czegledi  from Hungary.
Bes dog CACIBBOB BIG to INTCH Copper's Bubble Power
2nd RCCACIB CH Copper's Magical Flute
3rd and with CC from intermediate Copper´s Run For The Roses
4th RCC Copper's Magical Mystery Tour

BOS CACIB CC Copper's Sockerkringla
3rd from intermediate Copper's Roses All Over
4th Copper's Magical Twist
And to make the day even better the four boys  managed a lovely group and BIS breeders group!!!

Well what to boy did it in style winning his 3 all important CC in just a short bit more then 2 months and then quickly adding a 4 th CC and BOG4 to it..So happy to been able to be over to show him myself and even happier Blake took over and I had the pressure off;=)) So to Blake and Amelia big big big thanks!!!!

Same big big thanks to the judges who thought so highly of him. Muscot makes it my 7th GBSHCH bred or owned by me, and not done without helping hands , will never forget that, David &Gillian, Lynn and Blake , couldn't be more proud.

Pat Butler Hooley

Phyllis Pollard

Paignton August 2nd  Ch Sh Show with judge Mr David Shields . CC  to GB SH CH Copper's Champagne On Ice at Aoibheanne JW and RCC to young Copper's War of Roses, big well done Eva, Blake and Amelia!!!!

From Finland lovely news 2 nd of August BOB to Copper's Magic Stuff judge Mr Rune Fagerström
16th of August BOB to CH JCH Copper's The Magic Flute judge Mrs Cathy Neil Ireland


15th of August Klubsieger Lockenbach Austria judge Mrs Trudy Walsh Ireland BOB puppy Copper's Snowdancer  who also won BOB puppy at Innsbruck under Hana Arhens , owner Esther Sigfriest

BOS and BIS junior Copper's Crackling Rose , owner Getrude Simitz

News from Bronka Bronekleva who's been showing 3 days in Macedonia INT Show 3XCACIB
and BOS and Macedonia CH to Copper's Magic Glimmer 3 xBOB Puppy and 1 X BIS " puppy to Copper's Snowkiddin

Myself and friends managed a trip to Denmark, Bornholm INT and came home with a crowned INT CH ( to be confirmed) Copper's Magical Twist, lovely little island, pretty little towns, sand beaches. cliffs sun and rain and on top a ruff boat ride home in storm...

23-24 August ISF Shows first day Vera De Wilde judging

Wasps and more wasps and then a bit of rain...anyway Copper's run For The Roses 2nd intermediate CK
Copper's pop The Bubble 3rd open CK
Copper´s Roses All Over 2nd intermediate CK reserv best bitch
last 2nd to Balintyne Coppers Home n Dry in veteran, enjoying her day;=))

Next day Young dogs day, judge Ann Gistedt

Little Henning did a great job from puppy class to BIS!!!
Copper's Roses All Over won BOB intermediate and Copper's Run For The Roses was 3rd intermediate.
The wasps still on command, think we where all stung..but the rest was good.

Regarding puppies sad news, Nora had one little baby that didnt make it.Have to be more than happy for the lovely two litters she produced for me and now no more try.

But litters are being planned, have a  look on the puppy page.

Just been home for a week when it was time for take off again, this time Ryanair and just over the weekend.
Anyway, sunny day, happy people, icecream, Pimms and Muscot/ Copper's Magiska under wins his second CC!!
Copper's Wine N Roses wins RCC , what a day again!!!!!
Thanks for lovely pictures Barbara and Kasia!!!!

Same day in Sweden ISF Eksjö with Mrs L.King judging Madde was also at Windsor but Tosca/ Copper's Magical Bubble was at the show and  being a good girl she managed all the way to BIS!!!

The rest of the Coppers did well with good placing and CK, well done all of you finishing the day with Best breeder for me;=))

 Also more news from Esther and Copper's Snowdancer going BIS puppy under Ronny Blomme at Swiss Pointer & Setter Club!

 For me now awaits a lot of working weekends during summer but hope to make it back to UK soon  to hug my Muscot , good luck now Blake and have fun;=))

East Of England Ch SH. Dogs Mrs P.Butler, bitches Mrs.J.Holley
Coppers doing great and War Of Roses wins big juniorclass and mum Copper's Wine N Roses wins a strong Limit;=))

Two of the Finnish Coppers took the trip for two days showing in Estonia. BOB BOG !!!
day one Copper's Rock N Roll BOB BIG !!
day two INT CH Copper's Bubble Story!!!!!
Well done Eija and Maarit!

From Polen good news from Aga and Copper's Gypsy Rose winning junior and Polish Junior Ch title and then  off to BIS junior!!!

And last one being SKK Ronneby Sweden Copper's Surprise Bubble wins junior and third best bitch, well done Rune and Lisbeth;=))

 Homebase is warm!!
Nora being big and warm stays in the pool , Henning loves it too;=))

Time for some updates again
 Back home from a truly fantastic trip to UK.
Coming home happy to find my Nora/ Lynwood Kiss N Tell Coppers in whelp
to Muscot/ Copper's Magiska Under, pups due end of July.

Anyway back to thr TRIP.
 Starting early early Wednesday morning from Sweden, me and Pillan and made it all the way to Silke and Wolfgang who opened the door for two tired  drivers with 6 dogs, bless you;=))

Next day down to Calais and crossing in sunshine and the weather stayed more or less for a week.
 Over to Evas and a nice evening and next day a lovely walk with hte dogs before shopping, Pillan finally got her Dubarrys she been dreaming of and I ended up with loads of lovely set  new pans.
Off again down to Blakes place and  yet another sunny day.
Preparing little Gunnel / Cairnstones Life On Mars ,the Cairn for Three Counties and chilling out.
And did she do well indeed, 13 in the class and she won;=)) .

Lucky us coming back finding all 5 setter bathed by Blake and Amelia, big thanks!
Trimming needed, and then a nice evening out with friends at the Pub, couldnt be better.

Sunday rise and shine again up to Malvern, by now even Pillan did driving left side and not screaming in the roundabouts;=))
208 entries under Mrs Phyllis Pollard, sun shining again.
First out little Henning/ Copper's Snowgrouse  just 6 months old in a big minor puppy class and he won! Sister Elsa/ Copper's Snow Queen managed the same with Marie and later best puppy bitch;=))
What a great start for the babies.

Next one out Copper's Magiska Under / Muscot in a big strong Openclass
and he did win as well and later CC dog and BOB!;=))

Junior bitches little Aklejas/ Copper's Roses All Over first time in Uk and she did well gaining a good second .
Limit bitch, now in rain,  topped by Lauras lovely Neita/ Copper's Wine n Roses with Fläder Copper's Magical Twist third;=))
Finally Open bitches and yet a lovely class saw Blomman/ Copper's Under My Umbrella win..what a day and finally Neita gaining her CC and Blomman RCC!!!!!
Lets say we where over the moon, still are ;=))

Time for free days , had a super stay with Tricia and Mike , lovely walks done the beach, Exmoor, lovely places, bit more shopping, relaxing enjoying.
By Thursday packed and the drive up to Scotland, fantastic views lovely cottage rented and some more days spent being tourists, dogs loved it and so did we.
There is a album from our trip

Last day and Border Union where Gunnel the cairn did great with RCC!!!

Henning again won minor puppy,sister Elsa second minor puppy bitch, Muscot RCC, Akleja third in junior, Fläder second in Limit and finally Blomman third in Open, we cannot be anything else then please3d with our results going home with 1CC, 3RCC, class wins, studbook numbers and all qualified for Crufts;=))
 Not going to boor you with the trip home, let's say it is as long as the trip coming...


While we been gone Finland has had their Clubshow and again Copper's Bubble Power went BIS and also BIS veteran, sister Copper's Bubble Story BOS and BOS veteran;=))
Lovely Copper's Rock N Roll 2nd best dog, so way to go kids!!!!

SKK Vänersborg Sweden saw Copper's Surprise Bubble win junior and later 3rd best bitch.

Copper's Snowkiddin BIS Puppy at Club Show in Hungary!!

Copper's War And Roses wins big junior i Blackpool while Dad Muscot is second in Open .

Finally I want to say big thank you to all who came and celebrated Copper's being 30 years, what a warm lovely fun day we all had.



First show in Sweden for us this year SKK Västerås judge Mrs J. Miller UK
Splendid day!
1st Junior Copper's Run For The Roses
1st Open Copper's Mandelkubb later BOS
1st Ch 2 nd best dog Copper´s Magiska Under
3rd best dog Copper's Pop The Bubble
Junior bitches 1st and 2nd best bitch Copper's Roses All Over

1st intermediate 3rd best bitch Copper's Twisted Dalecalia

Best bitch BOB and BOG Copper's Magical Twist !

From Finland CH Copper's The Magic Flute RCACIB at Vasa INT , looking good;=))

And good news from Polish Setter & Pointer Clubshow judge Mr John Thirwell.
BOB BIS2 Puppy Copper's Snowkiddin. BOS Clubwinner 2014 CIE Copper's Magic Master, well done Ola and Bronka!!!

From UK and WELKS yet another CC and BOB to Gwendariff Whippersnapper , Muscots offspring making me very proud !

Frontpage this time HJCH RJCH Copper's Wine N Roses at Reeth Mars 16th gaining her Show Gundog Working Certificat!!!!!
Judges Peter O´Driscoll and Mich Canham, fantastic!!
So very very well done Laura for all work put in to it, you are a fantastic team!!!!

More  news from abroad this time .Ch, Sk.Ch, Pl.Jr.winner2012, Jr.ClubWinner, Pl.Jr.Ch, Sk.Jr.Ch Copper's Magic Master  owner Aleksandra Kornecka who at Nitra Slovakia wins BOB and BIG2 and can now add CIE in front of all his titles!!

Then off to Salzburg and setter specialty under Mr Colin MacKay, ending this day with Derbywinner 2014 and finally BIS!!!!!

Crufts Crufts Crufts

This year without my own dogs, just flew over for the weekend.
Spent some lovely days in the sun together with good friends, lovely brake. Managed lovely walks, dinners and of course getting the red gang ready.

This is Copper's War Of Roses and his mum Copper's Wine N Roses  ready for Crufts and smelling of roses;=))

Bell rang at 5 0'clock, managed to get Blake going and off for Crufts, parked in good time and starting to get a bit nervous as I was showing Arthur in puppy , well the boy did it BOB puppy in the end and now into junior unbeaten in puppy.
38 puppies all in all.
 Best puppy bitch to Evas Tumble a daughter to SHCH Copper's Champagne Bubble at Aoibheannes JW X Caisperns Lorenzo at Shushana so all in the family;=))

Fabulous day for the the relatives , many class winners to be proud of and with Edward / SHCH Copper's Champagne On Ice at Aoibheanne JW winning RCC  and seeing him and lovely Meadway Morrisey CC and BOB BOG 4  made me smile.

With bitches very happy to see SHCH Lynwood Started With A Kiss win,CC, a daughter  by my Copper's Bubblande Glad X SHCH  Lynwood Sealed With A Kiss  and her lovely offspring winning classes as well. What a day!!!

We left Crufts smiling and headed  to Evas place  and crashed.
Monday still sunny and nice, lovely walk , bit of shopping and then fly home.
That trip was awful as the flight where cancelled by hours and hours and hours, let say I seen Gatwick by now. Anyway, the good memories still make me smile.

Time for celebration!!!!!

Open house from 12.00 let's celebrate Coppers 30 years of breeding.
There will be games, a little show, food and wine , so pack your dogs and come!!!
Let me know  before April 30th if you are coming, preferable by mail.
I will try my best to arrange the local youth hostel to open the doors for you.


Front-page lovely and clever HJCH Copper's Wine N Roses with Laura who's is doing a brilliant job in the ring and on the fields, best of luck to you !!
See you soon;=))

We been to our first show for the year and why make it simple, off to Finland and with a bit of trouble on the way..Early morning rise and I mean early, car stuck in heavy snow, shoveling and finally on our way to Stockholm and ferry to Finland.

Did we miss it by minutes...yes!!!Did we give up? No way!!!!! Keep on driving  for 1 1/2 hour, grab next small ferry north of Stockholm and go to Åland , the island between Sweden and Finland,  drive across the island and catch up with the original ferry at the big harbor. It worked!!!!!!  With a bit of stress;=))

Then just 3 more hours drive reaching Finland in the evening.

Fabulous hotel awaiting next to the show so all in all it did work out.

Anyway results from Jyväskylä INT with judge Mr John Thirwell where brilliant.
BOB CACIB CC  to SV-E 13 CIE Copper's Magiska Under
BOS CACIB CC to Copper's Magical Twist

The young ones made their debut in junior.
Copper's Roses All Over won her class and 4th best bitch.
Brother Copper's Run For The Roses owned by Anette & Magnus Josefsson won his class and so did Copper's Magical Mysetery Tour winning open and 3rd best dog.
Our Finnish friends  was 2nd best dog with CIE Helsinki W12  EstJCH Copper's Bubble Power and BY CH Helsinki JW 13 W13 Copper's The Magic Flute 4rth best dog. Copper's Magic Stuff 3rd best bitch so what a day!!!!
On top best breeder.
 No chance of risking missing the boat again we did NOT stay for the Big ring.


In UK Midlands Irish Setter Society Championship Show judge Mrs C.Sheldon Copper's War Of Roses BPD and later RPIS way to go Arthur and Blake!! And Edward/ SHCH Copper's Champagne On Ice at Aoibheanne JW RCC, good work Eva!!!!
Love this picture of the boy taken by clever Laura.

 And more good news, Copper's Magic Master BOB CACIB  BIG2 under Mrs Pennie Jeffries, so happy for you Ola!!!

Myself I'm off for Crufts now, see you all there!!!

Frontpage Copper's Roses All Over 10 months

Just haven't had the time to update with a big litter in the house. Babies started  their new life now and I wish all puppy buyer s very good luck , Copper's Snowgrouse aka Henning stays.

There hasn't been any showing so far this year due to puppies and work, I'm getting a bit ready to go by now.
Off for Finland and a break from home in a weeks time, then Crufts coming up soon so lots to look forward to.
Not bringing dogs this year, planning a summer trip with them instead.

 Bubbles had a mail from Dogworld the other week. TOP BROOD BITCH 2013 to Balintyne Coppers Home N Dry!!! 

More fabulous news ,her son INT CH EST JCH Copper's Bubble Power  is proud Top Male in Finland 2013 !!!

News from UK,Muscots son Gwendariff Whippersnapper won his 3rd CC and is now SHCH!!!
Way to go lovely boy!
Happy for you Eijja and Mariit

And news  from Polen , Copper's It's A Kind Of Magic is now Polish Champion, well done Ewa and Magic!


 First of all a Very Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year!

Time to summon up another fabulous year, some lovely trips , fantastic results and most of all fun.
We haven't been showing that much really but tried some new judges, been to the breed specials and had success .

Copper's been doing so well around Europe, I'm so very proud of you all.Thank you!

 But lets start with the Swedish Winner show in Stockholm, judge Mr Rune Fagerström Finland and a good entry of 85.

 Good friends Eva and Blake came to snow and cold and enjoyed this show, the highlight of the year with spectacular finals.
My boy Muscot , SE-V13 CIE Copper's Magiska Under put another title in front of his name going BOB and later BIG 3, what a thrill, never put a foot wrong, handled by Blake and it was a joy to be outside the ring for once and watch them.
And here is Muscot from the main ring at Stockholm, enjoy!



With this win he secured his place as Top Irish 2013 with really good points.He has won 4 BIG this year and BIG-3 , what a year!
Best bitch on the list to gorgeous mummy GB SHCH CIE JWW08 Copper's Magical Bubble today 3rd best bitch.
His sister Copper's Magical Twist won open and 2nd best bitch and  was second to mummy on the Top bitch list beaten with 1 point;=)) Here's pictures of the siblings. 

And here's mother and son from this summer

And here is the full list

But we got two Toplists over here and Copper's did well ont the ISF list that only counts breed club shows with people within the breed judging. Top spot again;=))
Big congratulations to Copper's Magical Mysteri Tour and Copper's Magical Bubble with owners Nettan and Magnus and Madde. Pictured here from one of the great wins.
Lets say the rest did me proud as well;=))

The puppies from the Roselitter has put their little paws in the rings with a bang!!!
War of Roses, Gypsy Rose, Roses All Over all with BOB puppy!

Three more GB SH CH made up this year!!!!
GBSHCH CIE JWW08 Copper's Magical Bubble
GB SHCH Copper's Bubble Of Joy
GB SHCH Copper's Champagne On Ice at Aoibheanne JW

Ever so happy for their owners that put in so much into making this dream come through, thanks Silke, Madde and Eva.
Mummy Bubbles/ WW08 FJV03 Balintyne Coppers Home N Dry is proud of 5 SHCH in UK!!

Finland has seen Copper's The Magic Flute adding more titles to his name, so very well done Katriina!
I cannot name all but it´s been a splendid year for Coppers all around and lets look forward to 2014, more trips, more fun.

Here at home new little miracles are born.
Copper's Sockerkringla has 10 lovely babies to GBSHCH Avacet Snowdrift and we got exciting times ahead again.

It´s been a couple of unbelievable weeks with results coming in , lovely Edward did me and Bubbles so proud  by not just winning his CC:s with BOB but also with Gundog group placing as well. So happy for his owner and best friend Eva Ciechonska!!!!!

GB SH CH Copper's Champagne On Ice at Aoibheanne JW is now the 5th offspring from the Bubbles X Louie combination to become GB CH, it´s all  a dream.  Just wish I been there to see it all!!!

2013 10 19
 North East Of England Irish Setterclub judge Mrs S Nevitt BOB Puppy Copper's War Of Roses!!!!!

 RCC GB SH CH Copper's Champagne On Ice at Aoibheanne JW!!!

2013 10 16
 Gundog Society of Wales judge Mr C MacKay His 3rd CC BOB and BOG 3 to Copper's Champagne On Ice at Aoibheanne JW!!!!!

2013 10 11
South Wales Kennel Association judge Mrs J Mugford Copper's War Of Roses steps into the ring for the first time, BOB Puppy!!!!!
Way to do it Blake Crocker;=))
Here reunited with Mummy Copper's Wine N Roses Copper's Champagne On Ice At Aoibheanne JW wins CC BOB and BOG 2!!

2013 10 20
Seinäjoki INT Finland judge Mr Martin Johansson BOS her 4rth CC and first CACIB to Copper's Magic Stuff,
proud owner Susanne Rönnqvist!

Copper's Bubble Power 2nd best male
Copper's Rock N Roll 3rd best male

Last weekend we took the ferry to the Åland Island for a nice break, friends, rented a little cottage and a INT SHOW at Eckerö.
Nice time spent in best of company!

The boys did us proud with Copper's Bubble going BOB, 2nd to Copper's Magical Mysteri Tour and 3rd to Copper's Magiska Under Good plcing for all boys and all with CK, C Rock N Roll, PratBubbla, Legend Of Bubbles.

A good 2nd best bitch to Copper's Magical Twist, Copper's Wild n Willing 4rth best bitch.
 Lovely Copper's Magic Puzzle made her debut in open and a good 3rd placing ;=))
 Also Copper's Twisted Dalecarlia 2nd with CK in junior, good day!

From Polen INT Wroc?aw fabelous news, Copper's Gypsy Rose doing wonders by going BIS puppy!!!!!
Way to do it Agnieska Szeliga

We had some busy weekends showing, going up and down Sweden, glorious weather and fun all along.Last wekkend spent up in Dalarna  , stunning landscape.

ISF Show with Mrs Enid Hinslea / Northamber judging .
We had a superday,;=))
 Made a album ISF Rättvik och SKK Högbo  for more pictures.
BIS to Copper's Magical Mysteri Tour owned by fam Josefsson, and BOS to Copper's Bubbleribubblera owned by C. Tamm.
I'm so happy for the owners!

2nd best dog my Copper's Magiska Under
4th Copper's Art Of Bubbles Millcroft Shoot For The Moon
2nd intermediate 2nd best bitch Copper's Magical Twist
3rd best bitch Copper's Magical Bubble

And the babies did well.
BOB minor puppy to Copper's roses All Over
2nd minor puppy bitcvh Copper's Scandal  Bubble
2nd minor puppy dog Copper's Run For The Roses
3rd Copper's Secret Bubble

On top best progeny to Copper's Magical Bubble and BOB breeder.

Next day, rise and shine, off to SKK INT Högbo and judge Mr Paul Scanlon Ireland.
What to say yet a super day. BOB to Copper's Magiska Under and sister Copper's Magical Twist best bitch!!

2nd best dog today Copper's Magical Mysteri Tour and 2nd best bitch to Copper's Magical Bubble, what a day again!
Millcroft Shoot For The Moon won intermediate and 4th best dog,=))
BIS 2 for the breeders group under Mr Louis Pinto Texiera

My Muscot then decided guided round the main ring  by Madde to look just fab and win his 4th BOG in a row!!!

Weekend before September 1st SKK Solvalla judge Mrs Arja Koskela Finland
Windy cold but nice day all in all.
Copper's magiska Under  BOB and later BOG!!!

Copper's Magical Twist 2nd best bitch
Copper's Magical Bubble 3rd best bitch
BOB and BIG 4 breeder!!           

Last weekend in August and this time the West coast double shows Saturday SKK Backamo judge Mr Sigurd Wilberg UK

 Copper's Magiska Under BOB  and BOG!!!
3rd best dog Copper's Art Of Bubbles
4th best dog Copper's Pratbubbla
BOS Best bitch to Copper's Magical Bubble
4th best bitch Copper's Magical Twist
And also BOG4 to the breeders group.
Tired, hot, but happy did we return to the Hotel, dogs had a good run and we could sit outside on the patio all evening overlooking the river and boats going by.

Next day still warm and sunny, Mrs Carin Levfebre Blomme / Norcroft Belgium judging ISF

Time for Copper's Roses All Over to make her debut, well she did well BIS Puppy!

Copper´s Art Of Bubbles BOS  and a very happy owner Pia;=))
2nd best dog Copper's Magiska Under
4th Copper's Magical Mysteri Tour

BIS Copper's Magical Bubble
2nd Copper's Under My Umbrella
4th  Copper's Magical Twist winning her last Premie;=))

Yet another  day with smiling faces best Progeny and best breeder...loads of pictures in the ISF Kungälv SKK Backamo album

There is a album with pictures, ISF Kungälv SKK Backamo

Same weekend in Tallin INT judge Mrs Diane Stewart Ritchie  BOB BOG to Copper's The Magic Flute
BOS Cleversetts Santas Little Helper


Well I hardly left UK before I was back the day before Paignton.
Supposed to land Stanstead but became Luton instead due to thunder and lightning.
Poor Eva had to drive even longer to pick me up. Anyway many hours spent travelling but arriving at Blakes place in the evening, finding little Arthur still knows hes Swedish and looks  just lovely.
Blake thanks for hospitality and what a chef you are!!!
Fun, laughter , wine and off for Paignton in the morning.Sunny day, smiling faces, Lena and Madde still on vacation in UK  met up .

The day just was super. We were in tears seeing Edward winning his first CC , so emotional all of it;=))
Eva showing him, Madde running, Blake taking over in BOB ..all doing a great job.

RCC to lovely young Nils /Gwendariff Whippersnapper son of my Muscot/ Coppers Magiska Under, love that boy as well!

Tosca / Copper's Magical Bubble was hunting her third CC, we have so few chances living in Sweden so it is a struggle to make the shows, keep dogs in condition for the trips but Madeleine put all her heart into it , and it work.
She won Open and then her third CC!!!!!
Absolutely unbelievable with the siblings doing the BOB /BOS!!

RCC to lovely Neathamhill Nerissa a Edward daughter so what a day!!!

I was lucky to be over for the weekend;=)) Edward rushed for the group with Blake and wow did they do great !!!

There's a gallery from the show

Bubbles is celebrating her forth GBSHCH along with 3 INT CH and 1 Russian CH from her two litters to Louie,what a mum she is and still wild and happy;=))

Sunday National Gundog Malvern in hard rain, don't think we bothered a bit of the judging at all, still on clouds. Nice winners in the end so all was well. Then at 1 o'clock at night time to leave for Stanstead and home by noon..Three nightshifts later I was pretty knackered but I do it again tomorrow!

Following Sunday SKK Askersund  Sweden judge Sjoerd Jobse My little man Millcroft Shoot For The Moon  dripping wet made the house proud for winning BOS  , the rest got their EX  and we were glad to leave to head home in the rain. Sweden dont have any indoor  shows in summer.... BOB to Fairhaven Ode Cap  

Well , as usual all goodies seems to happend when I work! Madeleine is in UK ..again on vacation and shows so Leeds was on the schedule. Judge Mrs P.Smith / Reddins And what a way to start a good holiday  with Tosca/ Copper's Magical Bubble winning Open and later the CC, her second!!!

RCC to little brother Copper's Champagne On Ice at AoibheanneJW !

More news same day and fro Finland , BOB CACIB CAC AND BIG 3 to FJV Helsinki JV  Copper's The Magic Flute, judge Wierzchowska Malgorzata, Polen owner Katriina Toika.

And from Polen more news from the brother Copper's Magic MasterBOB BIG BIR reserv!!!!! Now adding Polish CH to all his titles!!Owner Aleksandara Janek 

Eucanoba Summershow Helsinki INT judge Mrs P Hollings UK BOB CACIB to CIE ESTJCH Copper's Bubblestory and BOS CACIB to brother CIE ESTJCH Copper's Bubble Power!!!! Way to go Eija and Maarit!! 4th best dog with CAC to Copper's The Magic Flute

SKK INT Köping judge Mr P.Hartigan , change of judge We had a really good day
 Millcroft Shoot For The Moon won intermediate
CACIB and 2nd best dog to Copper's MacBubble and a very happy owner Nettan;=))

4th best dog to Copper's Legend Of Bubbles

Copper's Twisted Dalecarlia won junior
Copper's Magical Twisdt RCACIB and 2nd best bitch
3rd best bitch Copper's Wild N Willing
4th best bitch Copper's Magical Bubble


Madde and I have had a trip for the Joint English Club shows, its become a tradition for us.Long trip, planning, packing and this time a bit stressful as we got stuck in traffic for hours and the navigator wasnt proerly set...anyway we made the boat in Hoek Van Holland in time.. Harwich and then down tp Surrey, meet friends , letting Neita /Coppers Wine N Roses back to Laura, think a happy naked dog and a happy owner;=))

 Walk on Headly Heath, shopping in Ryegate, lovely Pub evening and then  we collapsed and slept.Next day  heading towards Coventry, more shopping on the way as everything is so so cheap compared with home. We booked a accomodation at The Three Horseshoe in lovely little Bubbenhill. 8 minutes from Stoneleigh Park and to be recommended, big room, good walks, friendly and nice food.We even had our own  walk..;=))

Hot hot and big entries but shadow to be found under the big oak.Day one South Of England judges Mr Budgell dogs and Mr L Muir bitches.
Copper's Magiska Under did well with a third in a strong open  but the star of the day with win in Open and later RCC was his mum Copper's Magical Bubble.

Lovely time spent still under the oak with all the happy nice people and a barbeque , then time for bed again. Next day Joint Show dogs Mrs B Berry and bitches Mrs VBlackshaw.

If the day before was good this day was fantastic.

A new GBSHCH was crowned, namely Copper's Bubble Of Joy owned by Silke and Doris Lohkamp Sommer!!! Her final CC!!!

Copper´s Magical Bubble won Open!!
Copper´s Magiska Under won RCC !!!!

As usual time flies when over and we just had to  get going back straight from the show, long way home but smiling faces!!!*
Thank you again England for making us feel so welcome! You find a gallery  from our last trip.
England 2013

We been pretty busy lately
This weekend saw ISF Eksjö  with Mrs T.Gisby / Sutersett UK judging, we had a totally brilliant day with all entered Coppers.

BIS  premie(CC) to Copper´s Magical Mystery Tour
2nd best dog Copper's Art Of Bubbles
3rd bset dog CIE Copper's Magiska Under
4th best dog Copper's Wash N Go with reserv Premie (RCC)
5th best dog Copper's pop The Bubble
And junior winner was Millcroft Shoot For The Moon

Copper's Twisted Darlecarlia 2nd jumior
Copper's Magical Twist Premie(CC) 2nd best bitch
and Best bitch BOS to CIE JWW08 Copper's Magical Bubble.

On top Progeny and breeders class wins, well we couldn't have done better!!!!
Thank you Teresa Gisby for a magic day!!!!!
Gallery from the day  in the galley named ISF Eksjö.  

Same judge but Windsor CH SH Show a couple of days earlier saw BOB and CC to another brilliant Copper girl,
 namely Copper's Bubble of Joy owned by Silke and Doris Lohkamp, so so proud of lovely Nicey!!Way to go girls!!

Finland has had their Clubshow this year with Mr and Mrs Condron /Covarney UK judging.
Second year running saw CIE Copper's Bubble Power going BIS!!!!!
 Eijja and Maarit well done;=))
 Good reults for all the Finnish Coppers  entered as well, you do me prod!!!
Thank you!

SKK Vänersborg 6th of June , judge Mr Martin Johansson ,after a long break from the rings because of Figgs mum becoming a grandma to twolegged  things ,Copper's Classic bubble was back with BOB !! 2nd best bitch to Copper's Magic Touch, well done girls!!

My litters have been a big joy, Copper´s Roses All Over stays as well as Copper´s Secret Bubble and Copper´s Scandal Bubble.We will make their own pages with time. Here they are

Now planning and packing for holiday s in UK, really looking forward to get going again.

Finally a late and still cold spring has arrived, puppies had their first time outdoors today a full half an hour;=))

2013 04 2 SKK Västerås judge Mr Brian Limpus /Karidell England
 A good day ;=))
 First out in junior and winning his class with CK to Millcroft Shoot For The Moon.

Open dogs won by Copper's Mandelkubb, second to Copper's Magical Mysteri Tour.

Championdogs  won by Copper's Magiska Under .

Best dog Copper's Mandelkubb
Second best Copper's Magiska Under
Forth best Copper's Magical Mystery Tour

Intermediate bitches was won by Copper's Magic touch in front of sister Copper's Magic Puzzle both with CK, Magic Touch  4th best bitch.

Open bitch and Best bitch to Copper's Magical Twist

Progeny won by Copper´s Magical Bubble later BIG  in the main ring;=))

BOB /BOS to Copper's Mandelkubb and Copper's Magical Twist.

From England  WELKS judge Mrs. D Stewart Ritchie RCC to lovely Copper's Champagne On Ice at Aoibheanne JW, love that boy and proud of the offspring to several lovely girls are winning so well!

  Time for a bit of news.Lovely litter born in the house and Neita is a supermummy;=))

Easter show in Stockholm SKK INT Mrs  Mary O'Donoghue
Millcroft Shoot For The Moon won juniorclass with CK
Copper´s Magiska Under won Open
Copper´s Magical Twist 2nd in Open bitches
All Copper´s enetered recieved EX and CK, good day all in all.

Crufts 2013
 We are crazy we know , back home after 3700 kilometers , but  already planning our next trip! Good drive through a warm springy Europe, nightboat and then England in the morning.Lovely breakie in Cambridge shopping and  heading towards Anne and Susan for yet another lovely stay! This year a bit to early for lambs in the fields and raining.

We had time to do our Ludlow shopping and it was great as always. Plenty of time for the dogs to relax after the trip and getting ready for Crufts. Lovely start to the day with my Mikkelsens sister going best Puppy bitch, later BOB puppy. Pretty pretty Millcroft Moon And Stars at Aoibheanne.

Daddy Copper´s Champagne On Ice at Aiobheanne JW, a good second in Limit , well done Edward! Junior dogs, what a thrill to finally see Muscots son , Gwendariff Whippersnapper live, such a gorgeous boy and he can moves his little legs as well, very proud and happy, go Nils go!!!

Copper´s  Magic Master all the way from Polen managed a VHC in yearling and looked so, so nice, another one to be proud of!

Finally Muscot man himself, INT CH Copper´s Magiska Under in a huge Open (28) got a 4th and I ´m really really so happy with that, what a class!

Girlies, Copper´s Under My Umbrella in Limit , this year nothing but she enjoyed her run on the green carpet, Tosca/ INTCH Copper´s Magical Bubble second in Open in another star studded class!!! Sister Vita/SHCH Copper´s Chamapagne Bubble at Aiobhenne JWVHC in Open, two sisters to be very proud of.

Finally Bitch CC to Millcroft Ballad of The Moon, Mikkels mum looking a dream on the day and her third will be along any day!!
Dog CC and BOB  third year running to fabulous SHCH Northamber Just Cause to Glenavna!!!!
For pictures, thank you Clair, Barbara and Wilko!!!
 We packed and headed straight to the boat  with smiling faces. A long journey back but well worth the trip.

Two days later home to the doggies and a Neita very much in whelp.
See you  in the summer we hope, until then have a coffee!!

Me back again, have to summon up 2012 and look ahead to 2013.We got some shows planned, some trips, some puppies...

 But lets start wit 2012 ..

Top Showsetter 2012  CIE (subject to FCI confirmation ) Copper´s Magiska Under

Top ISF Irish 2012  ( Clubshows only) CIE JWW08 Copper´s Magical Bubble owner Madde Bäckman

Top young dog 2012 Copper´s Mandelkubb owner family Eriksson/Josefsson  

Top young bitch 2012 Copper´s Magic Touch owner Ingela and Jan Gustavsson

Lots of good placing for more Coppers on the ISF Club list;=))

But Copper´s done more than well outside Sweden..

Top Irish 2012 in Hungary  is Multi JCH Copper´s Wine´N Roses  owner Laura Kolbach but now with me and hopefully in whelp. She was also BIS at Clubshow in Slovakia, 2XBIS in Astria, CC winner at Dutch Club show, in Swedentwo outings Cacib and ISF Premie....

Lauras older  girl Multi CH CIE CIB Copper´s Music N Paws was Clubwinner and BIS working dog in Hungary as well.

England has seen GBSHCH  Copper´s Prima Bubblerina win her crown and Joint Top Bitch 2012.
So very proud and still so very sad  , love you Ping.

We seen lovely litter brother Copper´s Champagne On Ice at Aoibheanne JW win two more RCC and also his  lovely offspring from different ladies making him proud.

The offspring from Copper´s Magiska Under done me proud. Top Puppy England 2012 Gwendariff Whippersnapper

In Polen  PJCH Copper´s Magic Master  has won his title and many many BOB and BIS junior. Owner Aleksandra Janik

In Slovakia littersister SLJCH Copper´s Magic Glimmer  has been doing just the same;=)) Owner Bronka Glonekova.

And in Finland brother FJV12 Helsinki W 12 BYJCH  RJCH Copper´s The Magic Flute  is having a great career as well, owner Katriina Toikka

And over in Sweden where we have no titles sister Magic Touch was top  young bitch!

In Hungary  HJCH Copper´s Scones´N Jam already CC winner and siring nice offspring. Owner Laszlo Toth

Brother NLJCH  Copper´s Gingerbread Man won his title , CC at the Clubshow  Holland and Best Male at Piet Rooks day, owner Monique Knegt

Here at home we seen sister Copper´s Sockerkringla winning .

We also managed 5 CIE CH during 2012 two still to be confirmed by FCI.

CIE EJW Copper´s Bubble Power Finland, Club Show winner 2012 owner Mariit Flink

CIE Copper´s Bubble Story  Finland  owner Eijja Jormakka

CIE JWW08 Copper´s Magical Bubble , CC Crufts, BIS ISF...Top ISF 2012, 2011 and 2010 also Top Show Irish  ISF..

CIE ( väntar på aproval FCI=) Copper´s Magiska Under

CIE Copper´s Legend Of  Bubbles  Groupwinner as well , owner Lisbeth and Rune Warmboe Gustavsson

A big big Thank You to all who made it possible!

2013 has  started off , with Copper´s Wild `N Willing winning CACIB and BIG in Polen under Mr James Byrne Ireland, CACIB BOS to Copper´s Legend Of Bubbles, owners Warmboe /Gustavsson!

Anyway, thats it for today, take care out there;=))


It,s been very quite here for a while, the loss of Miss Ping has been totally heartbreaking and still is.
To all, thanks for kind words, mails, cards to me and Lynn, much appreciated and helped a lot to know she was admired by so many.
Today I also found out she was joint Top bitch in UK, brings tears  but also smiles.
Love you Ping!

But there is also happier moments.
This weekend saw SKK INT Stockholm with Mrs. Diane Ritche/ Gwendariff  judging the best entry of the year 77.

No we didnt winn BOB /BOS but second best dog and bitch,=))
That RCacib won by Coppers Magiska Under will transform into CACIB thus giving him the International CH title , so cheers to that Muscot boy, my pride!
To BOB/BOS big congratulations!

His young halfbrother first time into open where he was second to Muscot and later 3rd best dog , lovely Copper´s Mandelkubb.

Junior bitches , biggest class of the day(14) saw pretty but naked Coppers Magic Touch second, shown by her owner Ingela, being her first Irish just comes to show you might succeed as a beginner!
This girl has  been out doing great all year.And yet another girl with a good hipscore.

My own Flower girl won open and Cacib and second best bitch.
She has been very lightly campaigned this year  but loved being back in the ring.

Champion bitches saw Tosca as the winner and later 4th best bitch;=))

In stiff competition we showed a group  with 4 combinations to victory, due to really really bad weather we did not stay to the finals, instead we had a rough ride back home in the snow.

Day after in UK saw my  Mikkelsens mum Millcroft Ballad Of The Moon JW win her first CC and BOB under Mr J.Bott / Thendara.
But more to be smiling about was the news that Muscots son, Gwendariff Whippersnapper won the RCC and also finished Top Puppy of the year!!!!

More good news the weekend before , Helsinki winner and Finnish winner two days showing saw yet another  success for BYJCH, BJW, Helsinki JW , F JW Copper´s The Magic Flute, way to go lovely Jack and big congrats to Katriina!!!!
Crufts qualified , hips AB!!!!

In Prague his littermate PJW , PJCH Copper´s Magic Master , gave the big boys a go by winning CACIB and BOB BIG 3 under Helena Dvorakova. Way to go Nathan and Alek , AA hips to celebrate as well;=))

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year
We be back 2013 with news on upcoming litters .

Finland Seinäjoki 2012 10 29 judge Malgorzata Wieremiejczyk-Wierzchowska
CC to Copper's The Magic Flute from juniorclass!

Germany, Hannover INT  Cacib to Copper's Wild  ' N' Willing!

And from Hungary Clubshow results from Laura Kolbach. "Club Show of the Hungarian Setter Club

intermediate Copper's Scones 'N' Jam - exc 1, CAC

junior bitches Copper's Magic Glimmer - exc 1, HPJ, Junior Club Winner 2012, Junior BIS-2

working: Copper's Music And Paws - exc 1, CAC, Best Bitch, Club Winner 2012, Working BIS-1

Polen Polish Winner judge Mr Paul Handcock ireland Junior BOB  PJW  and Crufts qualified Copper's Magic Master!! 

At home ISF BOXHOLM 2012 10 20 judge Mr Blake Crocker / Riverbrue

BOB minor puppy Copper's A twist In The Tale  owned by Myra in Australia  but still here with me, thanks Ann for the help showing him.
BOB puppy and BIS puppy to Millcroft Shoot For The Moon.

Intermediate was won by Copper's Madelkubb later on 4th best male with Reserv Premei, second to him brother Copper's Kakmonster.
No pictures thoug.
Open I was won  and later second best dog and Premies to Copper's Magical Mysteri Tour with Copper's Wash 'N' Go second in the class.

Best dog from premieclass Copper's Magiska Under.

The girls didnt do bad either.
Juniorclass Copper´s Magic Puzzle and Copper´s Magic Touch, sorry no pictures.
 Intermediate Copper's Sockerkringla and second Copper's Bubble On The Run.

Copper's Magical Bubble won Premie and best bitch and BOB, second to her
Copper's Under My Umbrella later on 3rd best bitch

And even Bubbles / Balintyne Coppers Home N Dry had a day out winning seniorclass and later 4th best bitch ;=))

Now a brake till Stockholm INT in December, have  fun out there!

Miss Ping did it!!
She won her final CC at Irish Setter Association England.Thank you Lynn for all you done to make this come through,
thank you judges for liking this girl;=))

She started off in April and finished her title in October..
10/6 Joint Irish Setter Clubs Belfast               RCC              Mr Brian Marshall/Laggan
15/7 South Of England Irish Setterclub         CC BIS         Mrs B. Andrews / Bonhomie
28/7 Leeds Ch SH                                               RCC              Mrs J.Rodda/Teramour
4/8 National Gubndog                                        CC                Mrs.B.Berry /Brinara
6/10 Irish Setter Association                             CC                Mrs.B .Birch /Moyna

The third Copper's to be made up, all  tracing back to GBSHCH Aniara the first overseas to be made up and  one of my most treasured ones ever.

Last weekend we took the ferry over to island Åland, rainy but beautiful. We had a nice break, saw the little town of Mariehamn, did some camera work, showed under Mrs Leslie diane Scott former UK , now Spain.

The youngsters did us proud Copper's The Magic Flute won junior, Copper's MacBubble won intermeditae and Copper's Bubble Power and Copper's Magicka under got their CK:s. Our judge took her time, lots and lots of standing still..and standing still...not moving about at all;=))

 Anyway, nice day, nice friends and in the end we brought the four boys in for a breeders group and later on BIS  breeder in the main ring and loads of good prices!!
Here are the four boys

Lovely Copper's Magic Glimmer  won junior BOB at Tulln INT and with that she is now Crufts qualified;=))
Judge Mr. Reisigner .
See  you there Bronka!!!

Finally a picture of Copper's Legend Of Bubbles from the Group in Vejen INT Denmark.

DKK INT VEJEN Denmark judge Mr Claudio De Giuliani BOB CACIB BIG!!!!

Copper's Legend Of Bubbles, Copper's Wild N Willing RCACIB.
Way to go Lisbet and Rune!!!

Richmond Championshipshow  judge Mr Per Iversen Norway RCC to Copper's Champagne On Ice at Aiobheanne JW , love this little man and big big kisses to him and Eva!!!!!

Thank you Barb for the picture!

And here is his son Millcroft Shoot For The Moon ant 5 1/2 months, my  Mads mikkelsen;=))

Noah, Copper's Twist And Shout has left a gap but arrived in good form to Scotland, long trip but we wish you all the best Graem and Pamela , good luck with him!! 

Brother Ludo, Copper's  A Twist In The Tale will be staying on for many many more days before he hits the ground in OZ and Myra, if I can let him go that is, just hate it to see them go..sorry Myra;=))

Copper´s Magic Master has started field training in Polen  and passed with 97/100 points!!!!!
Copper´s Magiuc Stuff and Copper's The Magic Flute are winning well in Finland.
Well done to you all!
Here´s picture of Magic Stuff and my own Magic Puzzel, Magic Flute will have his picture as soon as Katriina manage to send a good quality one;=))!!


Welsh kennelclub 19 August judge Mrs M.Gurney Danaway RCC to Copper's Champagne On Ice at Aoibheanne JW!!
Well done Edward and Eva. foto by Marion Sweeney ,thank you;=))

All the little Magic ones just had their first birthday, doesn't seem to stop them to celebrate with cake for long.
Copper's The Magic Flute is now from 2 days showing in Belarus BY JCH and BY JW 12.
Sister Copper's Magic Stuff wins junior and best bitch 3 in Finland.
Copper's Magic Touch in Sweden continues to win junior with CK this time SKK Backamo.
And in Polen Copper's Magic Master manage best junior BOB and BIG 3!!!!
My own little Copper's Magic Puzzle  is wondering what's it all about;=))

The lovely Island Gotland on the east coust of Sweden, has heldit's yearly  shows , the entry is nothing to brag about , but Copper's Art Of bubbles won Best dog and by that became the last in the litter to be welcome into Premieclass, Bubbles is very proud of her son!!
 Well done!!
Picture  by Pia Hansen

A new gallery  Walks is on, have a look.

Miss Ping wins again!!!!
This time National Gundog 4th of August judge Mr B Berry / Brinara CC to Copper´s Prima Bubblerina!!
Thank you all involved, we are so so happy!!!!

Same weekend Clubshow all setters in Polen and junior Club winner BOB junior BIS Junior to Copper´s Magic Master  
and his "mum" Alek is doing a great job!!!!

Lots of things going on at the moment.Puppies left the house, well almost as two has to stay on longer before they are ready to be off abroad. Copper´s Darlecarlia stays with my webmaster and friend Pillan, she will have a page of her own soon.

16th of July was pickup time in Germany , time to have my new little boy from England  and also bringing Copper´s Wine n Roses over  from Hungary and Copper´s Under My Umbrella home from Holland.And it all worked due to best of friends!!  Silke, Wolfie, Diana, Laura thanks for making it possible!!!To Nettan, thanks for  spending time at my place with the rest of the gang!!!!!
Here´s Millcroft Shoot For The moon aka Mikkelsen.

So a few days  of rest and then double weekend showing. ISF Kungsbyn Mrs. Carolyn Hogsflesh 85 entries Lovely day, perfect weather and good results.
Copper´s MacBubble wo intermediate and 5th best male
Copper´s Pop The Bubble second in open I
Copper´s Art Of Bubbles won OpenII and Rpremie
Copper´s Magiska Under won Premieclass and second best male
Copper´s Magic Touch first in junior followed by sister Copper´s Magic Puzzel
Copper´s Wine n Roses makes her debut on Swedish grounds with a bang, wins open , Premie and second best bitch!! 

Copper´s Magical Bubble 3rd best bitch but also had her first progeny group and won;=))
Balintyne Coppers Home N Dry  loved being at the show but withdrawn from veteran as she was limping on the day, nothing bad , scratched  her foot, but as always she wants her picture.

The rest of the Coppers all did really well and we ended the day with winning best breeder.
Lots of pictures in Gallery ISF KUNGSBYN   full results at

Then pack the car, home and a couple of hours sleep and then hit the road again for SKK INT Köping
with Mr Gordon haran judging.
Lets say we had a superduper day!!!!

Copper´s Magiska Under CACIB BOB BIG!!
Copper´s PratBubbla 3rd best male
Copper´s Mandel Kubb 4th best male
Copper´s Law NOrder thitd in open
Copper´s Wine N Roses wins CACIB and BOS!!
Copper´s Magical Bubble 3rd best bitch Copper´s Magic Touch and Copper´s Magic Puzzel first and second in junior
Copper´s SockerKringla second intermediate And Copper´s Magical Bubble wins progeny and Coppers breeders group.
Later BIS2 progeny and BIS4 breeders.
What a day!!!
Pictures in gallery SKK INT KÖPING

And from England more positive news ;=))
Copper´s Prima Bubblerina CC BIS at South Of England Irish Setter Club CH SH!!!!!!!! Got no picture from the day so here´s one of my Faverouite pictures of her

And yet another  fantastic result from very north of Sweden.
Copper´s Bubble power made the trip to manage BOB BIG 2 and his last CACIB !!!!
Judge Mrs Ann Ingram.
Börje is now officially CIE Championa!!
 What a litter this is 9 out of ten are now CH 3 INTCH, 1 GBSHCH,1 RCH, and 5 ISF premie winners... and lets add all in good competition!

And from Slovakia another one doing so so well and now Slovakian JCH and also
BOG junior also BOS at her last show , Copper´s Magic Glimmer !!

PRESSTOP!!!!  Copper´s Prima Bubblerina RCC Leeds CH SHOW!!  Now 1CC , 2 RCC , making me so proud!!!!!

Nothing much going on this summer, just  puppies and lots of rain..
Anyway the little gang of five is soon leaving home, gonna miss them a lot!!

Dearest Copper´s Prima Bubblerina and Lynn are doing me proud, RBIS at Midlands Irish Setter Open Show!!!
Photo Tania Gardner

And from Hungary and Laura more good news.Copper´s Wine N Roses Cacib Cac BOB BIG 3 at her last show in Hungary for a while.She will join the Coppers gang in a week, do some showing here and then hopefully a litter .
Thanks Laura for letting me enjoy her for a while!!!

And a bit more bragging, this time Muscot being proud of his son Gwendariff Whipper Snapper winning his JW at 9 month of age.
Well done little Nils!!!

Sweden is raining and raining off and on, it´s babies in, babies out, in, out....but they are just lovely.
They now got their own gallery Twist litter , take a look, more pictures will follow! 

SKK Vänersborg judge Mr Colin Mackay UK
Long drive in the early morning and it was raining and kept raining and storming and even hail...Doing the house proud anyway was Copper´s MacBubble winning junior and 3th best dog!

 10 month old Copper´s Magic Puzzel won junior bitch and 2:nd best bitch!!!

 Copper´s Sockerkringla won intermediate  with CK and also CK to Copper´s Magiska Under and JWW08 Copper´s Magical Bubble.

We won breeders group  with four girlies from 4 combinations but weather made us take off for home and not wait for the group finals. Here´s doggies on the way back in the car...

Finland Clubshow judge Mrs. G. O´Connor UK

BIS to Coppers`s Bubble Power!!!! he also had BIS progeny, ;=))

Copper´s Rock N Roll won open males

CIE Copper´s Bubble Story second best bitch
Copper´s Magic Stuff wins junior and  4th best bitch!!
For pictures thank you Anna Karin Wikström and to owners of the Copper´s big congratulations!


Copper´s Magic Master continues his winning ways  this time BOB junior and BIS reserve at Krakow INT!!!


I´m really proud of the offspring from my Copper´s Magiska Under, they are doing wonders both here and there;=))
Some new litters coming on from him as well so exciting times.
 Here´s a picture of his lovely son in Ireland winning more than well;=))
Lovely little "Nils" / Gwendariff Whippersnapper;=))

PHOTO Imogen Gardner

Time to introduce another little man Millcroft Shoot For The Moon aka Mikkelsen, he will be joining the household in July..
Cannot wait to have him over!!! Big thanks to June Walsh  for the boy!
He will have his own page in time

And here´s two  Covergirls from Jansen&Jansens new Setter magazine,JWW08 Copper´s Magical Bubble from Crufts
and Copper´s Wine N Roses  Clubshow Netherlands also  managing the cover on Austrian setter magazine ;=))




We have had a tuff time.
Puppies  being born far too many and far too early but here´s are the gang that  made it;=))
Mum is doing a great job!

Dutch Clubshow  2012 05 13 judges Mr L Muir dogs and Mrs P Pollard bitches

We set off from home on Friday and arrived Holland Saturday evening after the long trip.Woke up to sunshine and perfect weather for showing dogs. Copper´s from all over where at the show, great to se them. For obvious reason I had no males enetered this year , just brought some girls, so lets start with them.

Copper´s Magic Puzzel  first outing in junior , won and JCC!!! Copper´s Wine N Roses won open with Copper´s Bubble Of Joy second to her, the girls then later on was CC and Reserv bitch!!!!!!!

Copper´s Under My Umbrella won breeders class. Copper´s Music N Paws won working.
 WW08 Balintyne Coppers Home N Dry won veteran!!
So girls did me really proud, and the handlers as well, thanks Kickie Boman, Laura and Diana for helping me out!!!

Over to boys and JCC and later all the way to Reserv dog Copper´s Gingerbread Man living in Holland!!!!! EX to both Copper´s Legend of Bubbles and Copper´s Magical Mysteri Tour;=))

 Have a look at all of them at the Gallery
Holland 2012  all pictures by Kickie Boman, nice trip we had;=))

Same day in Sweden ISF show with Mrs Mel Hillocks judging.

Thanks Madde, Malin and Mia for bringing the dogs over.
 Copper´s Mandelkubb wins intermediate sister Copper´s Sockerkringla second in intermediate


Copper´s Magiska Under third best dog and Mum JWW08 Copper´s Magical Bubble second best bitch! 

Next weekend and this time Salzburg and the two breed club specials.
 Österreichischer Setter Club with Mrs Jane Mugford judging saw Copper´s Magic Master win junior dogs, sister Copper´s Magic Glimmer BOB junior and later BIS junior!

Open class was won by Copper´s Wine N Roses with happy Laura, then they just pick one
BOB and she won that and later on BIS under Mrs  Leen van Genechten  !!!!

Next day Österreichischer Klub für Englische Vorstehhunde with Mrs Sue Brody judging
and Copper´s Wine N Roses did it again BIS!!!!!! Pictures in the Gallery  Salzburg 2012 , have a look.

Same day super news from Finland CC show with Frank Kane judging BOB and BIG3 to Copper´s Bubble Power!!!!!!
Junior class winner Copper´s The Magic Flute

And yet one week later in  Slovakia Setter& Pointer Clubshow Mrs Vojna Medvedec judging..... BIS Junior again to Copper´s Magic Glimmer  and then Copper´s Wine N Roses wins her third BIS at Club specials in a row!!!!
Thanks you Laura and Bronka for making magic results!!!!!!

We spent a numbers of hours driving to our friends in the very south of Sweden next day  over the bridge to
Denmark and 2 X CACIB shows in Roskilde.

First day judge Mr Hans Van der Berg and he gave that last CACIB to JWW08 Copper´s Magical Bubble who now is
 CIE CH/International CH!!!

 Copper´s Magiska Under 4th best dog Copper´s Wild N Willing 4th best bitch

Next day Crufts qualifier  and Mr Martin Johansson judging. Copper´s MacBubble, his second show, wins junior and the qualified him to Crufts;=))!!! Third best dog as well.

CACIB BOB to Copper´s Magiska Under . With 700 kilometers back home we did not stay for the group...

Copper´s Wild N Willing wins open , second to Copper´s Magical Bubble. Loads of pictures from the shows in the gallery!

Up and coming weekend , ISF show in Sweden, some of my dogs be there with Madde showing them, I be heading for the Dutch Clubshow with girlies.
Pity  two shows the same weekend you want to attend...we are not spoilt with good breed judges over here.

And then another week to go and then puppy time!!!!!

My trip for the elderly gentlemen seems to have paid out well, dearest Miss Fläder  Magical twist is in whelp, so fingers crossed for a safe delivery end of May.

I´ve had my foot op and it´s healing well just find it very boring to  be bound to the house! So I havnt been doing anything at all with dogs but  have a bit of news anyway.

 From Holland, Copper´s Gingerbread Man is now a JCH!!

From Finland and WASA INT, good news Copper´s Bubble Story won her last CACIB to become CIE /Inte CH!!!!

Copper´s  Magic Stuff and brother Copper´s The Magic Flute BOB /BOS  at the same show!!!

From Polen news from brother Copper´s Magic Master  going all the way to BIS at all breed Kennelclub show!!!!

Irish Setter Club of Scotland saw another Muscot offspring for BIS puppy, the lovely Nils/ Gwendariff Whipper Snapper judge Pat Rutherford!

And finally Irish Setter Club of Wales, lovely Lynwood Started With A Kiss JW won her last CC with BOB!!!!
Daddy Rönnie , sister Nora and I are very proud of his second SHCH offspring in UK sending all our hugs to Jane and Roger !!!

Copper´s Bubble Of Joy won Mid Limit!!

And Copper´s Prima Bubblerina second in Limit after Sky, won her studbooknumber!!!!

We are hoping spring will arrive soon , bit of trips planned  and a bit of showing, lets hope my foot is back into running soon.

It´s been a busy weekend, I been on the road for a meeting with a gentleman.

Wonder why I always choose the boys living far, far away.....
Look further under Litters !

Plan was to go to Malmö SKK INT  but things doesn't always work as planned. So my dogs stayed home whilst  some other Coppers manage the trip and wow did they do me proud!

 Judge Mrs Agneta Pamp, Bonbons Irish setters one of the very few breed judges in our country .

NORDJV 11 Copper´s Me And My Bubble 1 st juniorclass wit CK!!!

Copper´s Wash N Go 1 st intermediate class 2nd best male and RCACIB!!!

Open won by Copper´s Pratbubbla  followed by brother Copper´s Legend Of Bubbles!
 Way to go boys!
The four boys won the breeders class and later on BIG 2 in the grand final!!!


Crufts , nothing like it and this year we will never ever  forget!!!!

It is a very long trip for us, starting on Monday  from Sweden arriving Harwich on Wednesday morning.
We learnt by the years to have at least a day for the dogs to be just dogs day in advance, they get really worn from the travel.So we spent our time in our Paradise Dover Cottage , with Ann and Susan, a millions thanks for the cottage, the fields, the lambs being born, your lovely and happy dogs, the Alpackas, meals, drinks and laughs.

But now Crufts and
Tosca/ JWW08 Copper´s Magical Bubble , Madeleines  love and mine as well. Still getting goosebumps from the pictures, she did us soooo proud gaining the CC from Open class, first ever overseas bred to achieve this!!! 
What a lovely pair she was with GBSHCH Northamber Just Cause for Glenavna!!!!

Here´s link to BOB video :

My very own
Flower/Copper´s Under My Umbrella won LIMIT!!!!  Thanks Ann for showing her!

Copper´s Bubble Of Joy won MID LIMIT owned by Silke  Lohkamp in Germany!!!!

MCH CIE CIB Copper´s Music N Paws won working !!  Owner Laura Kolbach Hungary.

HJCH Copper´s Wine N Roses a very good second in Yearling!!!  Owned by me and Laura.

  Copper´s Magiska Under third in MID LIMIT!!!!!

Many more pictures of the dogs at Crufts and our trip  in the

There has of course been a lot happening during the months the site been at a standstill but I will not even try to remember them all.
Just want to say I´m happy for the latest litter  by my
Magiska  Under X Lynwood Kiss n Tell doing wonders for there owners!

Also  happy for a Hungarian Junior CH to
Copper´s Scones N Jam also AA hips Here at home Copper´s Magical Twist  who can now brag and say she is a daughter of a Crufts winner...well she has come into season.

Will let you know whats going on;=))  

Regarding this site there are still lots to be done but we are slowly getting there!!!!!! To Pillan my webmaster , you might know my feelings but once more , you are the BEST!!!!!